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Floridian Dealer Sells 19ft Cigar

Mammoth cigar sold in Florida to anonymous buyer.


Lancashire, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2013 --A giant cigar has been sold in Florida for a staggering $185,000 from a dealer. The mammoth cigar registers in at 19 feet long and 3 feet thick and is large enough to light a beach bonfire that will last for several days.

This impressive cigar is the same size as 25,000 average-sized cigars and has the appearance of a thick, wooden telephone pole. The tobacco filled cigar has the moniker: Gran Habano #5 El Gigante. The identity of the person who purchased the extravagant cigar has remained a secret. Experts are currently theorising about the potential identity based upon the expenditure and habits of well-known cigar aficionados. The location of the cigar has been kept secret.

Unfortunately the massive cigar may prove to be problematic and difficult to smoke. It is unlikely that El Gigante will ever be lit. The cigar would require a large scale flame thrower more commonly associated with the Vietnam war or the engine exhaust of an F-16 fighter jet. It is believed that the cigar will simply become a centre piece or an art installation. Juan Panesso, owner of, speculates that the buyer must have a storeroom or warehouse large enough to house the massive trunk of tobacco.

The cigar dealer who operates tobacconists and tobacco shops enthused about the deal: “We pride ourselves on finding the hard-to-find cigars. This shows we are able to fill all our orders.”

The original asking price was well over $200,000 as the buyer managed to knock an impressive $50,000 off of the RRP. It represents a near 25% saving for the cigar fanatic. Although many may believe this is a huge amount to spend on a superfluous novelty item, it represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Size has long been important to the fans of cigars. Larger cigars have long been considered superior and a sign of masculinity and virility. A small cigar made with cheap tobacco leaves will always pale in significant to a large cigar produced with high quality tobacco leaves rolled by a specialist.

Cigars and pipe tobacco are both enjoying a renaissance. Recent years have seen the products shed the archaic reputation that has been built up during the 20th century. Many artists and actors such as Snoop Dogg have spoken of their love of smoking cigars in recent years. Whether or not the rapper would splash out on a 19ft cigar remains to be seen.

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