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Florock R&D Team Continues to Roll Out New Seamless Flooring Products

In response to the ever growing demand for seamless flooring products with higher impact resistance, compressive strength and resistance to wear, Florock continues to meet the challenge head on.


Chicago, Illinois -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2008 -- Florock’s technical service has listened to customer requests and responded with a new concept being “rolled-out” this month.

Facilities that subject their floors to severe impact, shock and abrasion may need to have a polymeric mortar cap installed to restore the surface. A great deal of work goes into installing a new cap on the concrete, so it is important to install one that will last. This was the task facing the Florock R&D team.

Tom Lux, Field Technical Manager for Florock said, “The key to improving a flooring surface’s ability to absorb severe shock from impact is to incorporate metal into the product. The traditional mortar used for capping badly spalled flooring surfaces is made from epoxy activator and graded aggregates. The key here was to use graded metal particles in the overlay system. These metal particles offer very high compressive strength which increases the modulus of elasticity – that is the product’s resistance to deformation.”

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