FlowTracker Analytics Inc.

Flowtracker Analytics Selected as Finalist in Axfi Killer Fintech Speed Rounds Competition

Credit Union and banking deposit growth analytics innovator FlowTracker Analytics selected as finalist in Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) conference competition. Depositor money flow behavior analytics solution selected as top 6 innovation to present at the conference.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2019 --FlowTracker Analytics today announced their selection as one of the top six Fintech innovators to present at the 2019 AXFI Killer Fintech Speed Rounds competition to be held at the Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) conference for Credit Unions in June. As one of six finalists in the competition FlowTracker Analytics will present their capabilities to the conference attendees and a panel of expert judges appointed to the competition.

FlowTracker Analytics' analysis services enable banks and credit unions to drive deposit growth by focusing on money flows into, out of and within customer accounts. The FlowTracker SaaS service includes innovative new tools to analyze these money flows and reveal the underlying customer behavior dynamics, a unique new way to plan growth strategies.

"Following balance growth is like watching the score change in a ballgame," says Dave McNab, founder and CEO of FlowTracker Analytics. "But money flows are the playbook. And managing the plays is how you win the game."

FlowTracker Analytics' solution changes the way financial institutions approach the challenge of achieving deposit growth. Measurement and classification of cash flows can distinguish money that is new or lost at the total institution level from flows of money between products, branches and accounts within the institution.

With FlowTracker, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions can plan evidence-based growth strategies, knowing when money is at risk, which customers are underserved, who brings new money in or takes money out, how new customers behave after they join and how lost customers behave before they go – by customer, product, location and over time. FlowTracker Analytics unique new capabilities bring customer behavior into sharp focus.