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Fly Fishing Professional Phil Camera to Be at the Fly Fishing Show

Phil Camera, well-known fly fishing professional and author is available for in-store appearances and seminars in early 2016. See him in Denver January 8-10, 2016.


Cascade, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/24/2015 --Phil Camera, a well-known fly fishing professional, author and long-time owner of Prewett Creek Inn fishing lodge in Cascade, Montana, is available for in-store appearances, seminars and club presentations in 2016 between the off season months of January and March.

"I enjoy going into the fly fishing stores and meeting the customers and doing seminars on proper casting techniques or fly tying," said Camera. "I will be a demonstrator again at The Fly Fishing Show, coming up on January 8-10, 2016 at the Denver Mart, Denver, CO. I will hold short sessions for fly fishing enthusiasts on fly tying. People come over and they are curious about fly tying techniques or they'll ask for my guidance with a particular difficulty they are having and I can show them how to make it work."

"When I'm at a fly fishing store doing casting lessons, I enjoy teaching people about the mechanics of fly fishing. I am most often asked, for example, why a fly will land behind the line in the water. And then I am able to educate the fisherman on the physics of what happens and why," Camera continued.

Camera's lessons cost $50 per person, for a class of 6 or less, or $50 per hour for individual lessons. "I can get someone casting a fly rod within that one hour… from them starting out not knowing anything to learning the proper mechanics. But then of course they need to practice what they've been taught," he said. "Typically a customer will purchase materials for the fly tying classes from the shop and then use them in my class. So it's a win-win situation for the store – they have people come in who sign up for a class and they also shop while they're there," he said.

Camera is also available to visit fly fishing clubs in Colorado and nearby states to give presentations on fly tying and casting techniques. "I will teach the difference between the typical overhead cast, which is regularly seen, and a roll cast that can be used to get your line out in tough spaces and when you have obstacles to your back," said Camera.

"I'll also explain about things like how to 'spin' deer hair for floating bugs. Or tying midgets or tying with synthetics. It used to be that people pretty much used all natural fur and feathers for their ties. But the new synthetic products can do many other things and look 'real'. We (fishing professionals) put a material on a fly for a particular reason – weight, casting accuracy, durability, etc. If the synthetic does a better a job – than I'm all for it. My definition of a tie is this -- the simulation of a natural food source for this fish – not necessarily duplication."

Camera has also had success as a consultant to business owners regarding recreational facility management. He formerly consulted in the Bahamas and in the South Pacific for start-up lodges to help them identify and promote attractions for the Western fly fishing market and to attract visitors who are interested in international sports fishing ranging from tarpon to yellow fin tuna to Bonita and more. "If someone needed help to decide how to best attract customers, or which outdoors shows to advertise with and/or attend – I'd help them with those crucial decisions," said Camera. "Some people have dreams about opening up a lodge and I enjoyed helping them make those dreams come true," he stated.

Camera's popular book, Fly Tying With Synthetics was one of the first books ever written on the subject. He is also the inventor and first manufacturer of the popular fly tying material Larvalace™.

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