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Fly Snatch Mobile Game to Donate Half of All Advertisement Revenue to Children's Cancer Charities

Player's of the free mobile game Fly Snatch can now help raise money for children's cancer research simply by playing.


Stockholm, Sweden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/17/2015 --Fly Snatch, the fun, action-packed mobile game available for free from the App Store, has pledged to donate half of all revenue generated from in-game ads to various Children's Cancer Research Organisations from around the world. The campaign hopes to both raise funds and awareness of children's cancer research, and shall stand for the lifetime of the game, donations to the charities are made on a monthly basis.

The game itself is a simple but challenging tap based game that tests both your reflexes and timing. You play the role of a Chameleon on the hunt to catch flies from mid-air as they swarm around the screen. The game's combination of addictive gameplay and high detail graphics make it a great way to spend some of your free time.

Fly Snatch's creator Antonio Casamassa runs a blog devoted to the game "", as well as general information and updates relating to the game, the blog shall also feature up to date information on the progress of the campaign, such as monthly donation amounts etc.

A list of all the current selected children's cancer research organisations can be found on the blog, there is also detailed information in regards to how monthly donations are calculated and paid, plus various other relevant information relating to the campaign. Proof of payments to each of the charities will be made public via the Fly Snatch blog, as well as details of revenue per country and other relevant financial information.

All future mobile games published by Antonio Casamassa shall devote half of their total advertisement revenue to specific charities, more games are already being planned for release this year, as well as an Android version of Fly Snatch. Further information regarding this campaign can be obtained by contacting Antonio Casamassa directly via email at or by getting in contact with Antonio via Twitter and Facebook.

About Fly Snatch
Fly Snatch is a mobile game available for free from the App Store. A game of reflexes and precision, Fly Snatch is an immensely addictive game that is suitable for players of all ages. Fly Snatch offers several in game rewards, as well as a universal leaderboard so you can compare your scores with players worldwide. Antonio Casamassa, the creator of Fly Snatch, is a software developer based in Stockholm Sweden originally from the United Kingdom. All games published by Antonio Casamassa donate 50% of their advertisement revenue to selected charities. Antonio can be contacted either by email at or via, or Facebook