Focusky Allows New Viewing Experiences with Free Presentation Software for Mac

Users have access to plenty of tools and features to design awe-inspiring presentations with various visual and animation effects that give users wonderful viewing experiences.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/27/2019 --Focusky empowers users with tools to enhance presentations on Mac OSX. The free presentation software for Mac helps users build presentations with customer-focused conversations that communicate complex ideas in simple terms. The software enables users to turn presentations into communication channels using the power from the images, videos, animation effects, excellent pre-designed backgrounds and themes, background music and quality content, among others. Building presentations into sales programs for viewing on Mac and mobile devices will offer viewers unforgettable experiences that will leave them engaged and ready to make their first purchase.

"Our free presentation software for Mac allows users to design presentations with visual brand consistency," said Jason Chen, the President of Focusky. "Users can use logos and design elements including color palettes and imagery consistently to reflect their brand. Also, they are able to add animations and content that resonate with their brand to build brand awareness and inspire trust and loyalty with viewers. There's no better way to create differentiators than using presentations to show customers that you are the best in the market."

Focusky technology provides custom animation objects that make presentations more engaging. Combining content, structure, narrative, visual outputs then animating them with custom transition effects from the software such as entrance and exit effects and emphasis effect makes presentations more vivid while remaining informative and entertaining. With Focusky, users can say goodbye to linear presentations and usher in interactive presentations that will leave a mark on viewers' perceptions.

"At Focusky, we enable users to design presentations that will persuade both their internal and external audiences," continued Mr. Chen. "Whether they are meant for entertainment, sales or education, we ensure that users utilize the right tools to express their creativity and imagination with lasting effects on viewers. Users have the opportunity to turn their ideas into visual storytelling to give their audiences a better understanding of their concepts."

The free presentation software for Mac helps users win more audiences using enhanced interactivities. They can customize presentations using YouTube videos, local videos, flash, Vimeo videos, symbols, and audio, among others. To make their creations more navigable, users can utilize the progress bar or auto-generated thumbnails to present appealing visuals that will remain embedded in the viewers' minds. The outstanding built-in action path will make any objects in the presentations to move by default path. This is not just entertaining, but also appealing and makes viewers show more interest in the presentations.

About Focusky
Focusky has brought about wealthy enhancements that have made presentation making easy and innovative. Users can create and customize presentations with rich features and functionalities to provide audiences with excellent viewing experiences. For more information, please visit