Focusky Delivers Lively Presentations with Free Education Presentation Software

The free education presentation software enables users to integrate features such as WordArt, background music, path discovery and more to make lively presentations that help them retain information.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2019 --Focusky provides free education presentation software that helps users develop interactive video tutorials that offer two-way communication where the students get the chance to react to the content. They can embed hotspots or links into the videos to allow viewers to interact either by clicking additional information or providing feedback. Training videos offer more personalized content to viewers. To make them more comprehensible, fun and entertaining, users can create branching scenarios in their presentations for students to engage and react. Focusky has features that can be added to presentations to make them display information in a unique, yet informative way.

"Video presentations enhance the learning experience of the learners because they can relate to them," said Mattie Lee, the Designer of Focusky. "Living in the era of increased use of game consoles, phones, TVs, and tablets, it's not new for students to retain information they receive on the screen. Integrating our software features such as background music, path discovery, WordArt, shapes and curves will not only enliven presentations and enhance their beauty but will also give students wonderful viewing experiences. Enjoying video classes will motivate them to learn."

The free education presentation software empowers users to add local video clips, flash files, and online videos from Vimeo and YouTube to engage learners. Users can also give their presentations new looks and transform their imaginations into active roles on the infinite canvas. This helps learners comprehend topics well, especially if they are accompanied by some caption and voice narration. Focusky enables users to create mobile-ready video presentations. Viewers can access eLearning content on tablets or smartphones at any time to allow them the flexibility to determine the best time for learning.

"At Focusky, users have endless tools that can make presentations display in stunning ways," continued Mattie Lee. "They can choose their desired transition effects and customize the settings to suit the learning pace. To make the presentations more stylish, users can use stylish shapes, visual charts, WordArt and symbols to give more illustration to content and also enhance the beauty of the presentations."

Gamification can make eLearning more exciting and interactive to learners. Users can use the different facets from the free education presentation software to gamify content and make it more comprehensible. They can also include social aspects such as comments, leaderboards or profile editing to make eLearning more fun and motivational. Gamifying content increases the learners' knowledge of specific content because it allows them to practice roles and also experience certain situations. In addition to that, students will enhance their communication, technical, and problem-solving skills.

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