Focusky Has Been Introduced as the Best Presentation Software for Conference

Focusky presentation software is an ideal tool for the business conference. It can create animated presentations with zooming effects with simple steps.


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2014 --For those working on a really important conference presentation, wishing for some way to make it really stand out from the competition, here is a suggestion: The Focusky presentation tool which enables telling a story in new, interesting ways, a real departure from standard PowerPoint. It is easy to use and allows great freedom in showcasing ideas. Complete information on Focusky can be found at

It is not necessary to be tech-savvy to use Focusky’s presentation software in an effective, imaginative manner. Follow a few simple steps to put together a beautiful presentation without programming knowledge or design skills.

Use of Focusky’s special zooming effect is a dramatic method of capturing audience attention. It can be used to zoom and span slides and add videos, shapes and objects for a variety of visually different views of key points.

The Focusky does not limit what is shown for a specific area. The use of a wide-open electronic canvas is available to insert a variety of objects to illustrate the story. Combine text, hyperlinks, shapes and multimedia into one presentation for use online or offline.

The Focusky presentation tool is based on Flash and the presenter has full control during the program. It is easy to edit and can be published in HTML format so it can be viewed on both Windows and MAC and on most browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Avant.

In addition to conferences, Focusky presentations are ideal for business meetings and for educational programs.

The Focusky Zooming Presentation Maker Version 1.2.1 can be downloaded for a free trial or purchase for $99. There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Focusky-supported operating systems are Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Flash Player 11.3+ is required.

This innovative presentation tool is best presentation software that is worth exploring. All those involved in preparing presentations can benefit from becoming familiar with Focusky’s special features.