Focusky Has Emerged as the Leading PowerPoint Alternative in Presentation Publishing

Focusky is a leading PowerPoint alternative to create engaging presentations with a few clicks and drags rather than creating separate slides which are getting boring.


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/09/2016 --Focusky is the new powerful PowerPoint alternative that is getting people talking. This tool is now the best in creating HTML5 presentations and animated videos. With Focusky, anyone can create awesome slide presentations with better results than with PowerPoint. With its wide options of creating info graphics, animations and easy to customize ready-made templates, it is no surprise why focus is today the PowerPoint alternative of choice.

To use Focusky PowerPoint alternative is not quite difficult. There are a series of video tutorials on the website which are in video and PDF format that ensure users can learn in whatever way they want and get started right away. Here are some of Focusky's rich set of features which help create engaging presentations.

Path of Discovery (3D Camera)

Instead of just creating presentations which transit from slide to slide, Focusky's 3D camera helps presents ideas in a way that can engage and inspire the audience better. The3D camera of Focusky is able to create stunning animation effect that absorbs the audience into what they are seeing, making HTML5 presentations memorable.

Charts and Graphs

Focusky comes with different types of charts and graphs. These chart and graphs can be used to stress a relationship, draw comparisons between data or to quickly highlight a trend. To use one is simple. Just click to choose a chart or graph and the audience can better understand what is being talked about with the way the data is presented.

Built-in Dynamic Characters

Built-animated characters bring video presentation to life. Presentations can be better improved on with the use of animated characters which deliver the message easily. In addition, the animated characters can get voices which can capture the audience attention faster and make the presentation livelier.

Recording Narration

Narration can be recorded to video presentation to make it more natural and persuasive. With a good microphone and a script, record a narration that explains information clearly to the audience and helps them understand things better.

Video Backgrounds

Focusky provides an amazing resource of pre-designed video backgrounds to add more professionalism to video presentations. This further draws the attention of audiences. This built-in video background can be added to wow audiences and give them an outstanding visual presentation experience.

About Focusky
Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, Focusky is a world leading provider of digital presentation softwares. Focusky has at its core, the desire to provide clients with innovative, top quality, user-friendly and affordable presentation software and services.

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