Focusky Introduces Their Zooming Presentation Maker, a Creative Alternative to PowerPoint


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2014 --Focusky has just announced that their Zooming Presentation Maker is now available on This product is being billed as a free PowerPoint alternative to the popular PowerPoint software and has been designed to provide an easy way for users to incorporate effective graphics and animation to create powerful presentations. According to a Focusky spokesperson, “This new presentation tool lets users focus on their ideas. Quite frankly, if they can conceive something, they can bring it to life using this presentation maker.”

The uniqueness of the Focusky Zooming Presentation Maker lies in the many features included in the software. The user is able to easily and creatively combine text, photos, shapes, YouTube videos, video clips and Flash features to make their presentation pop off the screen.

While most presentation programs are static, the Focusky Zooming Presentation Maker is dynamic and limited only by the creativity of the user. The program is based on the zoom and slide principle so ideas can be presented in a seamless and free-flowing way. Users can add text and video in the same slide, for example and during the presentation these elements will slide and zoom in working in tandem to get a message across.

The Focusky Zooming Presentation Maker also encourages simple design, which may at first seem a contradiction to the many features included in the program, but this is by design. Often the criticism of presentation is that they are what those in the industry call “too busy” or they have so many words and/or elements that the presentation becomes ineffective. The Focusky Presentation maker encourages simple design by using all of its powerful tools to maximize the information presented with as few words as possible.

Another aspect of the program that sets it apart from its competitors is the ability to take an offline presentation and quickly put it online. These presentations can be easily saved as an .exe or.html file and displaying as effectively in an online platform as on a computer screen or video monitor attached to a computer.

Focusky is currently offering their Zooming Presentation Maker with a free trial and a 30-day money back guarantee. More information is available at the Focusky website by visiting Visitors to the site can also send a message directly to the company using the embedded form on the site’s “Contact” page.