Focusky Is the Best Free PowerPoint Alternative to Create Ground-Breaking Presentations

For those who are looking for a PowerPoint alternative, Focusky is their best choice. It is best worth a trial with a user-friendly interface and amazing features.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2018 --Harvard University admitted last year that PowerPoint is not getting the job done. A published study reveals that PowerPoint fails to transfer information to its target and make an impression. Focusky with a zoomable user interface was proven to perform better and be more effective.

Focusky is rated as the best free PowerPoint alternative today. It allows users to customize projects and save time doing it! Flash player compatibility opens the door for engaging content that builds an interactive, discussion-friendly environment for any presentation. A clickable interface opens the door to seamless custom features.

Gone are the days of slideshow presentations. This software's interface creates an effortless experience for users with elementary computer experience to navigate Focusky's advanced features.

Canvas, Focusky's workspace, is compatible with flash player which allows the user to work with text, images, video and a library of animated characters in an endless space. Mind mapping experience structures presentations the way the presenter structures their ideas. Mind mapping is a process for representing tasks, words, concepts or items arranged around a central concept or subject. By manipulating elements like order, transitions and delay times, this feature breaks away from the traditional linear flow, creating imagery that connects with the audience.

Creating custom motion is simple with Focusky's 3D transition effect. Panning, zooming and rotating features can produce a 3D movie experience for any audience. Any element in a Focusky presentation can be animated using a library of more than 300 effects or creating custom motions.

About Focusky
Focusky is a leading provider of digital presentation software, removing the hassle of creating presentations and animated videos for users worldwide. Now there are more than 7 million users using Focusky for various purposes such as Education, Business, Technology and so on.

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