Focusky Online Presentation Software Integrates with E-Mail and Messaging Platforms

Transforming the information and communication technology through integrating Focusky online presentation software into messaging platforms was once a vision that the company is now working on and making it happen.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2018 --Jason Chen, President of Focusky revealed during the recent press briefing that his Marketing team is now at work on closing deals with today's widely used e-mail servicing and messaging platforms. The team is targeting the e-mail platforms developed by Google and Yahoo as well as the messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber and Skype. However, the company will ensure that all known e-mail and messaging platforms will be well-represented during its upcoming launching of the redeveloped version of the online presentation software. The said event is said to be happening a month from now.

"We are living in a world where the fast transfer of information is happening but seldom do we see the impact of effectively communicating thoughts and ideas through a detailed but dynamic presentation. Thus, Focusky as on online presentation software has been revolutionized for it to fit into every e-mail and messaging platforms today," Chen stated during one of the interviews. He elaborated on how the idea of the partnership is going to happen and what benefits can mutually be enjoyed by the company of Focusky and their business partners.

Basically, the online presentation software has been enhanced so that, when users want to have a preview of a Focusky file from e-mails and messaging platforms, they will get to see the entirety of the presentation without the need to download them. Furthermore, sharing of the same files through messaging platforms will be made more efficient, with high consideration on how large-sized files will be compressed and sent without compromising the visual presentation's quality.

As soon as the targeted partners will agree on the terms to be offered by Focusky, the collaboration will then commence by letting Focusky make some few enhancements on the back-end of each platform so that the online presentation software will function inside their platforms. Of course, all revisions will be subject for the approval of a quality inspection committee that is composed of people from both parties.

According to the Marketing team leader of Focusky, they have made initial discussions with a number of messaging platforms and gave them a heads-up on how the project will transpire in the future. The collaboration is seen as more than just giving gains to Focusky's business partners but this will surely make a remarkable transformation in empowering people to effectively communicate visually.

Truly, Focusky has never run out of innovations that offer endless convenience to how people live in this society of high technology.

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