Focusky Presentation Maker Launched for Creating Animated Slideshow Content now allows users to make cool presentation and publish it online. Focusky Presentation Maker can be used for business, education, conference and more occasions.


Guangzhou, Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2014 --The newest Focusky Presentation Maker has finally launched at This software primarily intends to help people have a free powerful PowerPoint alternative. It is suitable for everyone who wishes to display their great ideas to others, so everyone can freely use it.

Focusky Software is designed to create impressive presentations, which make it perfect for people wanting to present their ideas in a more creative way than what a PowerPoint presentation can merely offer. With the use of the software, text, video, image and YouTube may be added into a presentation. Furthermore, users may publish their offline and online presentation by using the software.

Converting ideas into excellent presentations is a thing that many people desire. This is especially true to the ones with creative minds. The use of PowerPoint presentations is no longer enough for people with technologically advanced psyche. What they need is more advanced software that will help them turn their greatest ideas into wonderful presentations. This is where the role of Focusky Presentation maker enters the scene.

Focusky Presentation Maker is a creative and animated slideshow maker that enables users from adding various objects being the content within the slideshow. Various shapes may be complemented in the presentations in order to decorate the project. Aside from this, users may embed multiple mediums, such as swf, image, text, link and even online video from Vimeo and YouTube. Each time new objects are added inside the edit board, users may set the place to organize and arrange the slideshow’s play order.

Moreover, in Focusky, users could customize the presentation’s background color for the beautification of the slider. In the output settings, ZIP, HTML, and EXE formats can be supported. Users may treat the software as an excellent digital whiteboard matched with zooming canvas. All content may be added within its edit interface, and users may set for their desired path, allowing all the factors embedded in the maker from playing just in right order.

Focusky has the animated zooming canvas presentation that enables everyone from making class lesson presentations, company mind-mapping planning, conference or meeting auto playing slideshow, online marketing product explanations and the like. This makes the software preferably suitable for education, conference and business.

Focusky Presentation Maker is a must have software for everyone with creative minds. Hence, everyone should now check out its availability at

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