Focusky Presentation Tool Offers Users What PowerPoint Fails to Render

Different to the PowerPoint’s slide-to-slide transition effect, Focusky presentation tool enables users to create engaging presentations for their audiences with 3D transitions, zooming, panning and rotating over a virtual canvas.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2018 --Tons of businesses are being promoted through video presentations which allow them to advertise their brand and describe their services using visual cues and more. This has been the trend not only in the business sector but also in the education sector. The need for professional and informative presentation is on the rise and presentation software and apps are being used to their full capacity. In this pool of presentation tools arises Focusky presentation tool that promises a bunch, starting with its availability on both Windows and Mac OS.

To say that Focusky is available on Windows and Mac OS implies that the tool allows users of these operating systems to experience boundless presentation opportunities on their choice OS. For presenters who are not getting it all from PowerPoint, Focusky is offering more than just a presentation.

According to Mattie Lee, the designer of Focusky, "The delivery of a perfect business presentation is measured by the presenter's understanding of the product in question, the audience, and the presenter's ability to communicate well. However, today's world has become woven with visual experience, and the business world is not excluded. Our vision for creating Focusky presentation tool is to help businessmen create compelling presentations that will facilitate the effective communication of their product and allow their target audience to have a visual experience of what they want to say."

Starting as a tool for creating HTML5 presentations and animated videos, this presentation tool appears to be offering its users what PowerPoint fails to render as a service. Focusky comes easy and intuitive, adding so many features that users are left wanting nothing more.

Some of the features promised by Focusky include amazing transition, animation editor, tons of professional video background, rich multimedia content, integrated whiteboard animation, built-in dynamic characters, and much more. Focusky also allows users to publish their presentations anywhere they want. Presenters are used to publishing animated presentations in MP4 format. However, Focusky goes a step further by allowing presenters to export their animated presentation as MP4 video presentation, HTML, and APP. The final presentation can be presented on mobile devices, tablet, and PC.

About Focusky
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