Focusky Releases a Free PPT to Video Converter for Vivid 3D Transition Effects

Focusky’s free PPT to video converter helps to design stunning video presentations with 3D transition effects that will make them play like 3D movies.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2019 --Digital marketing is currently one of the most effective ways of promoting products and brands. Enterprises invest heavily in digital marketing to make sure their brands and products sell well in the online realm. One way to expose products to vast audiences is by utilizing the free PPT to video converter from Focusky. The software helps businesses and marketers create powerful promotional video presentations with enriched content, multimedia, and animation effects. Creating new projects at Focusky allows users to add, change, edit and adjust various features to make the presentations more captivating and convincing. The audiences will not resist making purchasing decisions.

"Our software comes with excellent features including 3D transition effects and animation effects," said Jason Chen, the President of Focusky. "The 3D transition effects include rotating, panning and zooming effects that will make the presentations play like 3D movies. This can make audiences enjoy their viewing experiences as they contemplate to buy. Users can also animate all objects in their presentations and make them move to direct focus on the important points that will capture the attention and interest of the viewers towards the presentations."

The free PPT to video converter comes with built-in visual charts that enable users to create charts within their presentations to give viewers detailed explanations of the products. Concise and visual charts are more comprehensible and persuasive. The built-in screen recorder is another feature that will help to create video materials directly from Focusky. Users can also use the interaction designer to make the multimedia presentations more engaging as they give audiences a chance to participate and react to the presentations.

"Users who want to design stylish presentations have all the tools from our free PPT to video converter at their disposal," continued Mr. Chen. "At Focusky, users are at liberty to import and export elements with file types to develop stylish presentations. Changing the appearance of video players with stylish videos makes them play in stylish and colorful shapes and smart arts that enhance the beauty of all the presentations."

After creating stunning presentations, users can publish them in diverse and flexible formats for ease of sharing. HTML presentations can be downloaded on the Focusky servers for offline viewing. When the presentations are published in EXE and ZIP formats, they can be emailed or viewed on computers without any internet connection. Other flexible formats include MP4, PDF, and APP. App formats can only be read by audiences who use Mac OS. Focusky empowers users to share their presentations in multiple output formats and reach out to different audiences across the world.

About Focusky
Focusky gives users the tools to create interactive video presentations in various formats that are shareable. The free PPT to video converter helps businesses develop promotional videos with enhanced marketing capacity. For more information, please visit