Focusky, the Amazing Free Publishing and Presentation Maker with Killer Features

Focusky presentation maker is made with high tech, and goes with a range of killer features that allow users to personalize their own design, molded on their own vision.


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2016 --It is no secret that videos especially animated videos are persuasive and valuable means of communicating information. And a well created video can take the presentation to the next level, which is why Focusky is here with this powerful and effective presentation maker with amazing features that can help anybody make a video presentation like a pro.

With Focusky free online publishing software, there is no need to start from scratch when publishing any publications with an amazing features like the built-in visual chart for showing data flow. Also, stylish video player helps to enhance and beautify the page layout and presentation in a whole, the layer on canvas for hiding and showing the layers presentation.

400+ built-in amazing style content can be used even by those with no designing experience. What's more, the engaging video background template can be used for impressing audience with the vivid and customizable 3D background, shapes and curves for designing awesome layout used for presentation and the infinite canvas that can bring any information to life using multi language support and customized to play in the order delay time, transition time and path.

Focusky free online publishing software has a flexible publishing format which means that a publisher can publish their presentations in different formats like EXE, ZIP, HTML and PDF and share with others.

Also is the animation feature which comes with over 300 animation effects that can be used to increase audience and participation, fascinating hand drawing animation effect which can also be used to add hand drawn animation to presentations and make those boring contents in an interesting way to fully encourage audience engagement.

Focusky free online digital presentation maker has an encryption setting which uses simple customized encryption to protect every publication from an unauthorized access

With all this great features, it could be said that Focusky is more powerful than PowerPoint, easy to get started with in creating a totally new and killer presentation by simple drag and drop on the unlimited canvas.

About Focusky
Focusky is a leader of digital presentation software and for many years have focused on the research and development of the most competitive range of digital presentation software. Its responsibility is to provide clients with high quality digital presentation software using the latest technology to meet our clients' need.

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