Focusky - The Free PowerPoint Alternative That Adds Sparks to Presentations

Focusky the free PowerPoint alternative is helping presenters add spark to their presentations. With a wide range of animation tools it offers more creative control and the ability to make presentations engaging and rich in content.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2018 --PowerPoint has been the dominant tool when it comes to creating presentations. But in a world where startups and enterprises are facing stiffer competition this old workhorse from the Microsoft stable has started to show its limitations. All PPTs look alike and there is no novelty factor for a business to set its presentation apart with PowerPoint. Focusky has stepped up to fill this void and is offering immense possibilities with its free presentation maker.

This free PowerPoint alternative is being used by thousands of businesses across the world cutting across industries. It lets users explore their creativity in terms of integrating videos and animations to make presentations stand out. Jason Chen, President of Focusky says "PowerPoint was never conceived for creating the most stunning presentations, it has always been a tool that lets everyone from a fifth grader to high flying CEO put information across slides. Our aim with Focusky has been to enable full expression of creativity by letting users add content, graphics and animations at will. We have packed advanced editing features that let users translate their ideas into a live presentation to the last pixel."

Inspiring Features/Applications of Focusky

Animated Templates – The tool offers hundreds of animated templates allowing users to add life to their presentations. These animated templates immediately grab attention of the audience thereby ensuring higher knowledge retention.

Rich Media Presentations – Focusky makes it easy to create Rich Media Presentations using the advanced prowess of HTML5. Linking YouTube videos and other multimedia content has been made easy in this tool.

Mind Mapping – Focusky allows presenters to implement mind mapping ideas in their presentations thereby being able to logically arrange slides. The content can be delivered in a more interactive and engaging manner as compared to linear presentations using PPT.

Fast Presentation Creation – For a tool that offers so much of creative control creating presentations on it is pretty fast. With larger number of tools at their disposal users can create inspiring presentations running across dozens of slides in as little time as 5 minutes.

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About Focusky Software Co. Ltd
Focusky Software Co. Ltd is a world leading provider of digital presentation software based in Hong Kong. A R&D driven company they develop outstanding range of animated video software for users around the world. The company is committed to offering high quality, user-friendly and cost-effective digital presentation software and service. They explore the latest technology and improve applications to meet the varied needs of clients.