Focusky, the Top Presentation Maker, Added More Functions Than Ever

Focusky adds new functions for the users to deliver the amazing presentation. This presentation maker brings surprises to everyone.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2018 --The time has come to experience the next level of presentation making service provided by Focusky, the top presentation maker. Undoubtedly with the evolution of internet applications, e-services have become quite trendy among people. However, with the evolution come challenges to resolve complexity and present the ideas in laconic and logical manner. Thus, Focusky stands out in this challenge as the ease of information handling helped many professionals to make presentation awesome and added more functions than ever.

The well crafted presentations always engage the audience right from the beginning. Therefore, Focusky has brought a platform where one can reverberate the ideas and connect to the masses.

1. With the multiple animations flash feature and variant animation effect, the objects on the screen seems lively and lucid. This not only makes an entertaining presentation but also allows to vividly describing the gist of the context.

2. There will not be any difficulty while setting the frame as it provides ease to set the frame proportion and utilize them freely.

3. With the Mind Mapping 3.0 feature, one would be able to express even the most complex thoughts with lucidity. Here, the animated presentations and logically framed contents would make the audience follow the presenter and able to comprehend.

4. If there is a need to move objects little faster, pressing Shift key and Arrow key together allows objects move 10 times.

5. For the VIP users, there are special features available. Firstly, Megaphone is an algorithm which rectifies the inconsistencies with the language's spelling and pronunciation. Additionally, with up to 5 business charts, the presentations could be made more informative.

6. Visually appealing Hollywood's text animation effect is a plus feature which replaces old fashioned boring texts and adds elegance.

7. Adding arrow-line with multiple shapes enhance the pictorial representation of descriptive image. The way of defining arrows by flipping, resizing, rotating, and offsetting enables to illustrate with flexibility and precision.

8. With the icing on the cake, the import feature allows images to retain their original size and several variant shapes could also be added.

About Focusky
Focusky Software Co. Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a world leading provider of digital presentation software. The Focusky Presentation Maker, the latest member of our team, based on Flash, is developed to reinvent the art of presentation, bringing a brand new thought on digital presentation.

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