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FolderMill Offers More Options for Multi-Page File Management to Combine, Merge, Split PDF Documents


Riga, Latvia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2019 --fCoder provides software solutions for automated printing and file conversion for over 20 years. They assist various companies and organizations all over the world who have intensive document flows. One of their key products – FolderMill – can significantly reduce the time resources required for document conversion and printing. For more details, go to: https://www.fcoder.com

The program is a real-time file processor which monitors incoming files placed to the so-called Hot Folders. It can automatically merge multiple office documents, images, PDFs and TIFFs. With the recently added new features, it is also possible to arrange converted files into subfolders within a Hot Folder and automatically rename incoming files to subfolders' names where they arrive to.

With a new macro available for the Rename document Action, you can automatically create multi-page PDF (or TIFF) from different filetypes. The output files will have the same name as the folder in which they were placed. Therefore, you can, for example, create sets of documents or add new data to existing documents. This feature can help you better organize arranging and storing documents in electronic form, archiving, or record management within a company.

As a flexible and affordable solution, FolderMill offers different ways of combining PDFs and adding new pages as well as splitting large files into single pages within an office network. You can check all possible options to combine multi-page documents here: https://www.foldermill.com/solutions/auto-combine-documents-into-pdf

About fCoder
fCoder offers a range of professional software for Windows users. The company specialists develop desktop, server-side and command line programs for batch printing and file conversion. The applications, each focused on specific tasks, are being maintained and updated for a long while.

Software created by fCoder optimizes document processing as well as saves time and other resources of various companies, governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and individual users. The key products developed by fCoder are Print Conductor, FolderMill, Image Converter Plus, 2JPEG, 2TIFF, 2PDF, DocuFreezer, and Universal Document Converter.