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Folsom, CA Dentist Promotes Necessity of Regular Denture Re-Fittings for Optimal Fit and Comfort

Dr. Thomas Ludlow reminds his patients how essential the regular relining of partial and full dentures are to the wellbeing of Folsom, CA denture wearers


Folsom, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2016 --Dr. Thomas Ludlow of Expressions in Dentistry in Folsom, CA is encouraging denture wearers to schedule regular fittings for their dental prosthetics to ensure they are providing the optimal fit and comfort level. Dr. Ludow recommends that every patient with a full set of dentures schedule a comprehensive reline once every two years for maximum comfort and function.

While dentures may have an ideal fit when the patient first receives them, all denture patients experience bone remodeling of the jaw and tissue changes of the over time since their permanent teeth are no longer present. While the patient may not notice these small changes as they occur, over the course of 1-2 years it can lead to their dentures becoming loose, causing tenderness or sore spots of the gums.

At Expressions in Dentistry, Dr. Ludlow offers hard relines, soft relines, and temporary relines for denture wearers. A hard reline is recommended every two years and is a process where a layer of plastic is removed from the denture's interior surface and then filled with a putty-like material. This material conforms to the contours of the patient's gums and crestal bone so the denture can be sent to a lab to be re-fitted according to this recent and most accurate impression.

In certain instances, denture wearers may experience tender gums or sore spots that prevent them from wearing ordinary dentures. If this occurs, Dr. Ludlow can offer these patients a soft reline for their dentures, where the denture itself is lined with a pliable material that can last for up to two years before needing to be replaced. This material is softer than the acrylic material of the denture itself, offering patients more relief from discomfort they are experiencing. In extreme circumstances when a loose denture has caused inflammation of the gums, Dr. Ludlow can offer a medicated reline material that can be used for a few weeks while the inflammation subsides and the patients can then undergo a hard reline for their dentures.

For patients who are struggling to find a comfortable, functional fit for their dentures even with reline services, Dr. Ludlow offers some of the latest technology for denture wearers with implant-retained dentures. With this type of dental prosthesis, patients do not have to use adhesive strips or pastes for their dentures. Rather, the upper and lower bridges are connected to a series of dental implants—small metal screws—that have been surgically inserted into the jawbone.

About Dr. Thomas Ludlow
Throughout his years of practice, Dr. Ludlow has remained committed to continuing education that allows him to offer his patients the very latest technology and techniques available in the industry. Dr. Ludlow is a member of the ADA, the California Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the International Congress of Implantology.

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