FONNOV Aluminium Launches New Surface Treatment Products PVDF Aluminium

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Jiangsu, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2019 --FONNOV Aluminium is excited to announce the launch of new surface treatment aluminum, a new product with fluorocarbon paint coating (PVDF finish) and waterborne paint coating that will make a breakthrough in city architecture and home decoration.

With the development of architectural technology, door and window are no only just products that shelter the wind and rain, but also an important element of decoration. Recently, FONNOV Aluminium has launched new products with fluorocarbon paint coating (PVDF finish) and waterborne paint coating. The products are widely used in doors, windows curtain wall, home decoration, furniture and etc.

Fluorocarbon paint coating (PVDF Coating) aluminum are mainly used in large-scale curtain wall construction. PVDF coating normally has these features:

Beautiful appearance
Relatively durable: With excellent weather resistance, strong abrasion resistance in mechanical properties, excellent impact resistance, especially in harsh weather and environment. And strong resistant to atmospheric pollution (acid rain, etc.), corrosive, UV-resistant, crack-resistant and weather-resistant

Easy to clean once coated with oil

The waterborne paint coating products have high energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics, and at the same time have superior texture, full gloss and weather resistance, and all exceed the traditional powder coating products.

No matter it is used indoors or outdoors, the water-based paint coating has a beautiful appearance, texture, gloss and weather resistance. The raw materials used in the water-based paint products are in line with health and environmental protection standards, and will not have any impact on the natural environment and human health. It is a truly low-carbon, green and healthy architectural decorative profile.

FONNOV Aluminium enjoys innovation, continuously increases investment in technology, and launches a variety of new surface treatment products to promote market trends. These surface treatments offer a wide range of colors and performances to customers on more choices.

FONNOV Aluminium, Always worth your trust.

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