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FontEx Reveals 17 Free Tattoo Fonts to Download for the Perfect Tattoo

Trying to find the right free font for a tattoo and trying to decide what font to be inked with can be a challenge. FontEX has launched an article on their blog to explain how to choose the right font and where the best 17 free fonts can be downloaded.


Belgrade, Serbia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/31/2016 --Each year $1,650,500,000 is spent on tattoos, with 14% of the population having a least one tattoo, but even though tattoos have become more popular than ever before, millions of people still struggle on the right font to be inked with. FontEx understands the problems people have with choosing the right font and has written an important article on Tattoo typography.

The article titled 17 Free Tattoo Fonts For Download & Inspiration, looks at the problems people have when looking for the perfect tattoo and trying to choose the right font. The article looks at the best fonts for tattoos based on tattoo styles. The popular article, which has quickly become a trusted source of information on getting tattoos right, covers all the important topics of making sure the tattoo stands out with the right font.

According to research, one of the biggest problems and complaints people have about their tattoo is the font. Out of the 45 million people in America who have a tattoo, a large number of them wished they had researched the font more before they got inked. A lot of those people left the decision of which font to use to one of the 21,000 tattoo parlors in the US. Although tattoo artists are highly skilled, it is the person with the tattoo who will have to live with that font, and that is why it is important to look at the tattoo fonts available and determine which font will go with which tattoo. That is where the article from FontEx comes in. The article gives people the advice, tips, and information they need to avoid common mistakes.

The article also looks at the 17 free fonts that are available to download, giving people a chance to look at the fonts and see if they will go with the style of tattoo they want.

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