FootGlove Performance Footwear Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce the World's First Memory Foam Padded Socks, the Ultimate Foot Support Socks

The Ultimate Foot Support Socks have been designed with soft foam inner sole pads, compression support, silver ions, and the Celliant technology. The manufacturer designed this product to provide relief from foot and lower extremity pain, discomfort, and damage.


Panama City, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2016 --FootGlove Performance Footwear has recently come up with an ingenious and innovative product, the Ultimate Foot Support Socks. With the addition of a shock absorbent foam pad underneath the foot from heel to toe, this product is proposed to be a cutting edge foot support solution. The product's advanced design turns most shoes into a device capable of shielding foot pain at the source point, leading to pressure point dispersion, impact, and pain cushioning. Other important benefits include compression for lateral support and swelling reduction, plus odor control with the use Silver Ions.

Another one of the most noteworthy features of the Ultimate Foot Support Socks is the Celliant technology. A mineral based synthetic yarn and fiber, Celliant harnesses the heat energy from the human body and converts it into infrared energy. The result is improved circulation and blood flow.

A very high percentage of Americans suffer from different types of foot and lower extremity problems. Most of these issues are caused by standing on the feet while working for very long hours or extreme stress on feet, legs, hips, and backs; FootGlove Performance Footwear is designed to help at the root of these problems.

After a rigorous testing process, FootGlove Performance Footwear Inc. is finally ready to introduce the FootGlove PF and PFPLUS all-in-one Socks. However, the company needs funding support to finish the production and to help start distribution of these revolutionary high performance socks. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched recently to raise the necessary funds for this project.

Highlighting the importance of funding, a senior official from FootGlove Performance Footwear Inc. stated, "We've been working with our sock manufacturer for almost a year now. We've made and tested dozens of prototypes and feel confident in bringing them to you. Our finished products are now production-ready and we'll start manufacturing them as soon as we are able to raise the funds for production."

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About FootGlove Performance Footwear
FootGlove Performance Footwear Inc. began in 2014. The company set out with the vision to solve the world's problems of foot pain and discomfort caused by excessive stress on the feet and lower extremities. By adopting the world's most cutting edge design and engineering, their mission is to eliminate foot pain and discomfort through the development of high tech, high performance foot and lower extremity support products and accessories.