For Travel Packages in India, Compass India Holidays Maintains: "It's the Magic That Matters"

India’s Most Unique Luxury Tour Agency Reminds Us that India is both Fabulous and Affordable.


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2014 --After almost 15 years as a luxury tour operator, Compass India Holidays has become something of a shining star for many western visitors to the subcontinent. The company’s success, claims owner and founder Durjay Sengupta, rests on a talent for creating a travel experience that is the perfect combination of luxury, antiquity, history and—magic!

“People dream about coming to India,” Sengupta explains. “And western tourists don’t come halfway round the world to see things they can see equally well at home—a different world is what they long for. Our job is to convert their dreams into reality. We also recognize that part of that dream is the thrill of standing in the very place that since childhood they have seen only in photographs. The beauty of India is very real, yes, but it is also has a magical power. That magic is what calls to them. The magic of India that calls to people is bound up in its images, its mysteries. It’s a very romantic need we fulfill for people. At the same time, however, in combination with these experiences, once we have satisfied the traveler’s thirst for, say, a moonlit view of the Taj Mahal or a charming ride by train through the foothills of the Himalayas, THEN we can take their hand and lead them to a different place—we give them something unexpected.”

That ‘something unexpected’ seems to be one of the ingredients in Compass’ secret sauce that keeps their customers coming back for more. Since Compass India Holidays opened its doors in 2000, repeat and referral business is now at a jaw dropping (45%). Sengupta admits that this figure is a reflection of long hours and hard work. “But,” he laughs, “It’s also the most fun I’ve had in my life.” A family man who appreciates value, Sengupta points out that affordability also adds to India’s appeal. “Two people can enjoy one of our fabulous 7 day luxury tours for as little as $ 3000. We find that many of our guests are drawn to us because our website offers up front estimates of our vacation packages in India—they can see for themselves how easy it can be to make their dream a reality.”

But only when Sengupta’s team has communicated with a prospective client sufficiently to design the perfect personalized tour for them do they sit down at the drawing board. They take into account the special needs and desires of each traveler, certainly, but something beyond. Sengupta explains: “We love to show off India’s breathtaking vistas, its ancient monuments and temples. We wouldn’t dream of excluding the exciting things our western visitors long for—ah, but then comes the addition of those unique experiences—those special touches that separate Compass from the rest, and it’s always a genuine thrill for everyone on our staff.”

Those ‘special touches’ might include anything from lessons on how to wrap a silk sari to visiting a rescue site where concerned volunteers work to save India’s elephants, tigers and other endangered wildlife, or a an ancient temple, with history and art, etc.).

Compass India’s team also delights in seeking out cross-cultural opportunities. They may surprise a group of Eagle Scouts from Philadelphia by introducing them to the humble Bengali roots of American sound mogul Amar Bose, inventor and founder of the famous Bose Radio System®. (A little known fact is that Bose’s initial fascination with electronics sparked when he himself was a Boy Scout in Philadelphia.).

“The members of our team are craftsmen,” Sengupta says, sweeping a closed-fingered, open hand gently forward. “One of the many reasons this company is a success is that we know our stuff. And no detail is overlooked. But,” he adds, “Our guests also teach us. Our guests are truly special. I am amazed almost daily at the marvelous things we learn from them. They have played a tremendous part in our company’s evolution. Why? because we listen.”

Among the countries with growing Tourism Industry, India ranks No.3. With that kind of heavy competition, tour operators like Compass India Holidays excel by thinking outside the box. “Our American visitors are always fascinated to learn that certain words they use in English come from the languages of India,” Sengupta adds. (Some of those words are ‘pepper,’ ‘ginger,’ ‘Sanscrit,’ ‘patchouli,’ ‘cot,’ ‘hot toddy’.) “We’re working on a little ‘mini-dictionary’ to include among our welcoming gifts. Now, tell me that isn’t fun!”

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