Forbes Awards Top 30 Game Changers in 20 Industries, All Under Age 30

Rachel Benyola joins Forbes definitive gathering of 2018’s most innovative disruptors


Philidelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2017 --Forbes Magazine announced that Rachel Benyola, CEO and Founder of AnneeLondon, was selected as a Forbes 30 UNDER 30 industry leader for the class of 2018. Considered the most exclusive club for young entrepreneurs in the world, Rachel joins the ranks of innovative game-changers such as Mark Zuckerberg, LeBron James, Evan Spiegel and Kate McKinnon. Awarded for her innovation in the manufacturing industry Rachel is now poised to represent strong women-owned businesses, who are striving to put people back to work in the USA.

Rachel was chosen for her ground-breaking innovation in the biking industry. AnneeLondon's flagship product, The London, is the first and only modern foldable bike helmet that is stylish, safe, and 100% recyclable. The London easily folds up to the size of an iPad Mini for travel and packing convenience. Based on initial testing, this pioneering design shows a safety rating 2x more effective than most helmets and unlike existing helmet designs, The London can withstand multiple impacts without loss of safety integrity. The London features proprietary technology, including a patent-pending flexible shell and protection system that is breathable, durable and water resistant. The truly unprecedented design features military-grade materials and the life span is double that of the current industry leading helmets.

All AnneeLondon products and accessories will be manufactured here in the USA using recycled materials whenever possible. The Company is committed to minimizing negative environmental impacts through reducing emissions in its manufacturing process.

The product range offers a removable flashing LED light on the back of The London for additional safety and customizable chin straps available in a variety of colors. "We want our customers to be safe and stylish. What better way to match your personality to your helmet design than selecting your own colors, prints and accessories," says Rachel.

Forbes has been compiling their noted #30UNDER30 list since 2012. Rachel is now a member of a community that will soon exceed 5,000 industry-specific powerhouse leaders and innovators. "Years of hard work and dedication have finally paid off!" says Rachel. "I cannot wait to see The London on retail shelves in 2018."

About AnneeLondon
AnneeLondon is a game changer in the bike industry that blends health, wellness, and fitness with the demands of modern fashion. Proudly offering: style, convenience, and customization without compromising safety or performance. Our mission is simple – to offer cyclists and athletes a life-saving comfortable option that encourages them to live well and to enjoy the journey. AnneeLondon uniquely empowers today's bike riders to look great and feel safe, while packing light for the road ahead!

Why We Matter

Approximately 1 billion people worldwide ride bicycles, including 65 million in the United States. People love to be outside, for leisure or for purpose (getting where you need to go). Creation of bike lanes is now a priority in city planning and bike share programs have been established around the globe from New York City to Paris. Every year new programs are launched, allowing thousands of people better access to affordable bike programs.

Today more and more people are active on bikes but over 70% of cyclists are not considering their safety! These riders are not wearing helmets because they feel the helmets are bulky, inconvenient and unattractive. Cyclists also have nowhere to store their helmet when commuting or traveling; they often complain that helmets are cumbersome and unsightly. As a result, each year hundreds of thousands of people suffer from traumatic brain injuries or face death from falling off of their bikes without protection.

Behind the Name

Annie Londonderry Cohen was the first woman to ride around the world on a bicycle. She did this in 1894 when women were at home and expected to be out of the way. She was bet a sum of $10,000 that she could not complete her journey. However, Annie was tough and determined and despite being a novice cyclist, she began the trip on a hot summer day in Boston as she boarded a ship to Europe.

She completed her trip in a mere 15 months and came back a heralded global inspiration! She used the prize money to start her own company. Her unique story has inspired women around the world for more than 100 years.

Like so many others, our founder was so inspired by Annie's journey that she felt it was a fitting tribute to women, bravery and ingenuity to name the company after Annie. Like Annie, our founder is a pioneer of modern innovation. To us, Annie and Rachel are courageous spirits, who have found noble purpose in pursuing common goals and dreams.

What Our Customers Say

"This helmet is a game changer, I have not seen anything like it. ?I am excited to be one of the first stylish biking brands to sell this. The London is in a class all its own." - Lani Tarozzi, TandemNY CEO, Bike Product Retailer since 2012

"I have been patiently waiting for the London to hit the market. As a regular cyclist and user of bike shares across the country, this is the type of helmet that WILL be going in my suitcase with me on my travels. It is the helmet I finally want to wear, and I refuse to buy anything else until this is available." - Rachel Robbins, Cyclist & Pre-order Customer – Philadelphia

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