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Foreo Makes Beauty Care a Fun Experience

This Sweden-based brand thinks that you should never get bored while getting beautiful.


Shanghai, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2018 --As a pioneer brand that combines beauty and practicality, Foreo has made beauty and skin care no longer monotonous. This Sweden-based company, with ten years of product research and development, has set off a new revolution in the field of electric beauty in the Chinese market and has long been popular on women's dressing tables.

Pioneering design that overthrows tradition

As a beauty instrument brand that has always focused on product development and innovation, Foreo has a lot of "firsts": the first cleanser to change the lifestyle of women and men, the first facial cleanser for men...

As Foreo's products have long been popular around the world, few people know the story behind the brand. In fact, according to founder, Filip Sedic, the original intention of Foreo was very simple: to create a product that not only caters to young people but also is suitable for the middle-aged and the older.

For a long time, professional care has always been the privilege of a few rich people. When people want to enjoy the professional and scientific beauty and skin care, they have to go to beauty salons or buy expensive high-end beauty care tools. Filip noticed this and adhered to the philosophy of letting everyone enjoy new technology at a reasonable price. In nearly a decade, he has gathered skin experts, cell biologists, aesthetic designers, mechanical engineers to break the outdated design and launch the new Foreo products. Foreo, which means "For Every One", is always committed to innovation, and hopes that everyone can have his or her own beauty products that generate happiness.

Foreo has never regarded itself as a traditional beauty company. When it comes to Foreo, what comes to people is the Luna cleanser. Indeed, it has become a hit in more than 5000 off-line stores in 40 countries. But Foreo has more than that. Its electric toothbrush, Issa, also makes the biggest change in oral care products. Both Luna and Issa have allowed people to enjoy the innovative and professional experience of facial and oral care at home. Recently, Foreo has introduced a new product series, UFO. "This is not an independent product line, but a brand new platform," says Filip, "My expectation is to let it connect the ideal life of the future with the most cutting-edge technology."

A Skincare revolution that engulfs the world

The Foreo Luna Cleanser, which takes only 3 days to refresh your face, has set off a new revolution in skin care.

Before Foreo, people were more accustomed to traditional beauty care products in bottles and jars. Filip realized that there had been no truly innovative products in this field for more than a decade. That's where the Foreo comes in.

"For many years, people have always been pursuing the trend, and they have never really thought about how to use products to change the trend," says Filip, "I admire great scientists like Nikola Tesla, the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the French explorer Jacques Cousteau. They changed the world but never boasted about what they did. They just worked hard and did a lot of real things. Science and exploration are always my enthusiasm."

In the spirit of innovation, Foreo's products are full of technology and fun. "It is not easy to change the skin care habits of consumers, but fortunately, people are always curious about good products, especially Chinese consumers. They are more willing to try new things. This is one of the reasons why Foreo entered the Chinese market and became a hit overnight," adds Filip.

The key to the future skin

Just like the brand's slogan, "Beauty for Beautiful People", Foreo defines itself as a humanized brand that creates all the possibilities for the future and people's lifestyle.

"I hope that in the future, we will be understood and agreed with by the next generation. It is our goal. Just like the new UFO we just released, this is the world's first smart facial mask treatment that provides a spa-level facial care in 90 seconds. This new product combines T-Sonic pulsation technology with the smart app to make your mask experience more efficient. It set a new level in the industry and allows us to develop more sophisticated products," says Filip.

Filip also has a great vision for the future product line: "The new smart cleanser we are about to launch may be a new beginning. It can learn by itself and make progress every day. For example, if you look out the window, the weather is very humid and a little soggy. Our products will clearly know how the air quality is, and whether your skin condition is dry or tired, and then adjusts itself based on these data. If you think further, this product can also analyze the results of your last treatment and predict what kind of treatment you will need for the next few days or weeks. So it will be very user-friendly." With his new high-tech products, Filip describes an exciting future where smart lifestyle becomes the actual way people live. For more information, visit us at