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FOREO's Filip Sedic Wants to Create Skin Care Products of the Next Generation with Nordic Design and Technology

Any combination of tech and skincare gets this man super excited.


ShangHai, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2018 --FOREO, a celebrated Sweden-based innovator in beauty care, has revolutionized the way to care for oneself via smart and effective technology. A facial cleansing brush called LUNA has spread all over the world and has become a sought-after product for cleansing and skin care. Today, this product from a 4-year-old company has occupied a large part of the market share.

This year, FOREO has released a new product FOREO UFO, which is designed to refresh users' faces in only 9 seconds. This new product combines T-Sonic pulsation technology with the smart app to make masking experience more efficient.

All these lovely FOREO products are from the hands of a tall man. Filip Sedic, FOREO's founder, was born in Stockholm, Sweden. With the Swedish design and natural creative ideas, this industrial designer has made each product both aesthetic and practical.

Simple Nordic design

It is fair to say that there is a stereotype that Nordic people tend to design their products beautifully. Filip believes that though every designer has a gift for design, the environment largely determines the design concept and style.

"The Nordic design was not like the one we saw today. It gradually simplified the original, elegant form after World War II, and started to focus more on comfort," says Filip, "After a brutal war, people are more yearning for freedom, and do not like to live with complex things. The same is true when designing FOREO products, and our focus is always on functionality and user experience. Each of our steps is based on better functions, and then we think about the design."

A China fan

In 2013, the first FOREO store in China was set up in Shanghai. The company was awarded as the top Beauty Device 2 years in a row since 2016, and today, there are more than 350 offline counters and stores in this country.

"When I am in this country, I feel that everything is possible. The only limit is your creativity," says Filip, "I learned patience and long-term thinking in China, and the life rhythm here gave me a unique philosophy of life."

Filip points out that Chinese consumers and FOREO are a natural match. He said, one of the reasons why the company can gain a foothold in the Chinese market is that Chinese consumers to be more willing to try new products. "It is not easy to change the consumers' habit from bottles and jars to beauty equipment. However, Chinese consumers are curious. They are more willing to try new things, and they are happy to introduce good products to others," says Filip.

According to Filip, FOREO plans to open up more offline stores this year to allow consumers to touch and feel the products.

Skin care for men

But FOREO has never forgotten skin care for men. The FOREO Luna 2 for Men is a 3-in-1 facial scrub brush, pre-shaving, and anti-aging tool. The Cleansing Mode directs T-Sonic pulsations through silicone bristles to remove impurities while cleansing deeply in a way that protects the skin's moisture barrier. In Anti-Aging Mode, the LUNA 2 for MEN channels lower-frequency pulsations through a curved surface of concentric ridges to help reduce the visible signs of aging.

Filip says skin care has become an essential part of men's lives, and he is indeed a man who often takes care of skin. "Of course, we focus more on healthy lifestyle and positive attitudes to improve happiness and quality of life. All these things are all closely related to beauty," adds Filip, " We are not only talking about women's beauty, but also male products. Men often secretly use their girlfriends or wives products when they go out. So before you leave the bathroom, please check your UFO again. If it is missing, don't be surprised." For more information, visit us at