Forex ProfitCaster Review Takes Apart Bill Poulos Forex Profit Caster Trade Alert Software

Forex ProfitCaster by Bill Poulos is set to relaunch on December, 10th. This complete review uncovers the truth behind the trade alert system and exposes Bill Poulos and his team for what they are at


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/10/2012 --A Forex Profit Caster review unveils it is a custom web-based trade alert software. The software is designed to help traders manage their trades through the use of charts provided. Furthermore, this software is based on the pioneering triangle forecasting algorithms. What this means is that traders can use the software in the real forex market with heightened success using the Forex ProfitCaster program by Bill Poulos and his team.

Forex Profit Caster also sends traders the alerts about their trades using easily accessible media like text messaging and email. With text messages, they can get alerts anywhere they are. With email alerts, they get the information they need regarding their trades from devices hooked up to the internet. A Forex Profit Caster review at the site explains a comprehensive review and bonuses attached to the program.

Forex ProfitCaster is the product of two long years of fine-tuning and tweaking so that traders can expect to glean much out of it. The team of experts from Profits Run, headed by Bill Poulos himself, has spent a lot of time to make sure that Forex Profit Caster delivers what it touts to be able to deliver expect results.

How do traders get their hands on the useful techniques and strategies taught by Forex Profit Caster? This is easy enough. Traders can learn by watching the videos found in four CD-ROMs. The videos are carefully made so that traders do not have any difficulty understanding the concepts presented. What makes the product even better is that the videos come with full-color reference manuals, blueprints, cheat sheets, and more...

Furthermore, Forex Profit Caster provides traders a quick start guide sand two trading blueprints. Traders can select from three trading timeframes – hourly, 4hour, and end-of-the-day trading. But then, the brains behind the whole thing are still thinking of adding five more intraday timeframes as additional options bonuses. A senior reviewer at says "Bill Poulos took great pains in designing it to work perfectly for both veteran and novice traders alike. Even if you’ve never placed a forex trade before, you can be up and running in a matter of hours, or even sooner in most cases."

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