Flat Track Safety Group

Formal Motorcycle Flat Track Safety Group Announcement

A new organization is addressing the shortcomings of today's motorcycle flat track safety measures. This group's goal is to dramatically improve the safety in the sport.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2017 --Co-founders Randy Kremlacek and Brian Bartlow today announce the formation of a new organization dedicated to improving safety for motorcycle flat track racers, pit crew, and spectators.

In the past year, there have been several fatalities in the sport of motorcycle flat track racing. There has been little to no action on the part of sanctioning bodies and promoters in studying safety, and how it can be improved in the sport. Unlike Nascar, MotoGP and most other forms of motorsport, there have been few changes in safety standards or rules over the past couple of decades, much less any formal research completed. This new organization exists to research the leading causes of injuries and deaths in the sport. Then the results of those studies can be used to create new standards, safety rules and protective gear requirements.

"After the recent tragedies, I could no longer sit back and do nothing. I had many calls with people within the sport, who felt my same angst. When I talked to Brian Bartlow, he agreed that we needed to act now, and thus the organization was born.", stated Co-founder Randy Kremlacek.

The Flat Track Safety Group will specifically address the following five major areas:
1. Rider safety gear
2. Rider & parent education
3. Track and facility conditions
4. Promoter education
5. Safety/ambulance personnel standards

The organization is approaching the project in three distinct phases:
1. Youth racer protection and training
2. Adult racer protection and training
3. Create standards and safety training curriculum and expand the program on a national basis.

Brian Bartlow, co-founder of the group explained, "When Randy and I reviewed the current state of safety in flat track, we quickly discovered that it's an area that has been largely unaddressed at both the amateur and professional level, leaving racers and parents on their own to do their best to protect themselves. We can do way better than that in our sport. We have already developed safety gear standards and are creating a training class curriculum so we can teach riders how to be safe. We're confident we can make a big difference to the sport and we'll share our work with everyone."

The organization is seeking help in developing and implementing this sweeping change in our sport. We need the support of manufacturers, motorsport safety experts, medical professionals and rider representatives. Additionally, there is a need for guardian angels who can assist us financially to achieve our goals. The organization has open arms and welcomes involvement by those who care about safety in flat track racing.

About The Flat Track Safety Group
The Flat Track Safety Group is an organization whose purpose is to improve the safety of the sport of motorcycle flat track racing. Its founders are Randy Kremlacek, CEO of the California Flat Track Association (CFTA) and Brian Barlow, owner of Feel Like a Pro Dirt rider training organization.