Founder & CEO Kimberly Carney Launches Fashwire via Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform

Fashwire is an upcoming web and mobile platform where designers and brands will benefit from an unmatched communication and feedback pipeline to influence, grow, and sell directly to consumers. Founder & CEO Kimberly Carney has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to take Fashwire to the next level of development.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/31/2016 --Fashwire promises to be a unique social platform for fashion designers and brands looking to stay connected directly to the consumers with the intention of leveraging their online presence and expanding their clientele. With its web and mobile application, Fashwire will blend the discoverability of the emerging and established designers with the ability to monetize their collections. looks forward to allowing consumers and fashion designers to connect, influence and impact the world of fashion by connecting fashion, community, real-time feedback and reward-based achievements. At Fashwire, fashion enthusiasts will be able to vote on different collections, accessories, footwear, and other products from a designer. As a result, the designers will receive instant feedback on the specific preferences of the consumers.

Fashwire will offer tons of benefits for the fashion conscious consumers as well as the designers/brands. Here are some of the most important benefits of this upcoming platform.

For consumers:
- Discover fashion designers, brands, and the latest trends before they hit retailers
- Remain connected to favorite designers, friends, and influencers.
- Instant feedback to designers on likes and dislikes.
- Share input and favorites on all social channels
- Have fun voting every day while earning weekly rewards
- Be a key influencer in setting trends
- Save favorite looks for purchase considerations

For designers:
- Customized Digital Lookbook directly reaches consumers worldwide
- Unambiguous, early feedback on what customers want to wear
- Cultivate and nurture own fan base and influencers
- Promote a product before it hits retail
- Integrate seamlessly with social media to grow traffic
- Subscription-based access to more detailed user data and demographics

Kimberly Carney, the Founder & CEO of Fashwire, has selected Kickstarter for the launch of Fashwire. The goal of this campaign is to invite early adopters for Fashwire. After the end of this campaign, the backers will be granted access to the Beta to help fix bugs, optimize the Fashwire experience, and set the runway for launch.

The funding goal of this Kickstarter campaign is $75,000. Proceeds from Kickstarter will be used to

- Fix bugs, enhance and complete features, improve end-user documentation
- Finish development of the web platform, and accelerate Android and iPad development
- Marketing and future development

To find out more about this campaign, please visit

The website of Fashwire is

About Fashwire
FashWire is a web and mobile platform designed to aggregate leading and emerging designers, and provide them a clear channel to end users with the objective that they vote current and future fashion concepts "up or down."