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Founder of Christian Illness Ministry Appears on National Television Show

Rest Ministries Director Discusses Faith and Illness


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2010 -- Lisa Copen,the founder of Rest Ministries, will appearing this week on the television show Peace in the Storm. The one-hour talk show style program, Peace in the Storm is hosted by Maureen Pratt .She shares, "Peace in the Storm" is a natural extension of the book "Peace in the Storm: Meditations on Chronic Pain & Illness," and focuses on ways that people with chronic pain & illness can find inspiration, strength, courage and joy with and in spite of their health challenges. With a strong emphasis on Christian faith and Scripture, "Peace in the Storm" blends inspiring guests, music, humor and fellowship in each episode."

Copen talks about how she went from being a 24-year-old woman who just wanted a family and a career, to becoming nearly disabled in a period of a few weeks. And then from feeling alone in her pain to starting Rest Ministries which has served millions of people since going online in 1993.

Although Lisa is now on a variety of medications that help manage her pain, she is suffering the damage of 17 years of rheumatoid arthritis. In fall of 2009 she had four joints replaced on her left hand and the year before spend a week in the hospital with the flesh eating bacteria infection.

Lisa shares about her ministry, her journey, parenting, caregiving and more. Maureen also shares about her own experiences with a chronic illness and music.

The program can be watched online LIVE at the Pacific Time Zone airing times if the channel is not available in your area. In North America, LLBN can currently be seen via Glorystar Christian Satellite Channel 105, cable/low and high power TV stations in select areas (Channel 17 on Loma Linda Time-Warner Cable), MOIPTV, and at

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