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Founder of District Combatives Benjamin Drader Announces Release of Free "Personal Protection Fundamentals" Guide

When it comes to real life combat resumes and reputations, it's quite difficult to match Founder and Chief Instructor of District Combatives, Benjamin Drader's. Recently, the Washington, DC-based combatives guru announced the release of a short, no-nonsense guide that could save lives “Personal Protection Fundamentals,” that shares some of Drader's cornerstone ideas.


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2017 --It's no big secret among insiders, that most martial arts schools and instructors do a very poor job of preparing their students for real-world violent encounters. Washington D.C.-based District Combatives and their Founder and Chief Instructor Benjamin Drader are a sound, smart, and hard working answer to this problem – focused completely on what it really takes to survive in an increasingly dangerous world. Drader, a U.S. Army veteran, with over 15 years of martial arts training at the highest levels, has seen with his own eyes and felt with his own hands what works and what doesn't in a variety of roles that has included working directly for two National Security Advisers, a Secretary of State, HRH Prince of Wales, and a Director of the CIA. In exciting news, Drader recently decided to share some of his principles in his new guide "Personal Protection Fundamentals" available as a free download on the District Combatives website.

"If I could drive home a couple of lessons the first would be complacency kills," commented Drader about his new guide. "Criminals and other violent people aren't going to change their behavior so it's the responsibility of good people to not be complacent. The other would be 'be your own bodyguard'. If something bad should happen, don't ever count on the police or some other knight in shining armor to be there to help. You will most likely be the one responsible for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. And that means being prepared."

According to Drader, "Personal Protection Fundamentals" can act as a very good introduction to the combatives style District Combatives offer their students – a system of self-defense that focuses purely on what works well, can be used under pressure, and delivers maximum damage to an aggressor, with its roots coming from a variety of military and non-military sources.

Feedback for the training at District Combatives has been positive across the board.

Frank Colon, (U.S. Navy, ret.), recently said in a five-star review, "Having recently retired from the Navy I was looking for a way to stay fit. However, at my age, I had some reservations about a program that involves physical contact. Working with Ben I quickly realized those concerns were misplaced. Ben's expertise keeps everyone safe while you learn valuable skills and exponentially increase your cardio. Unlike most martial arts, District Combatives training gives you real world skills to keep you, your friends, and family safe. Having trained with Ben for over a year I highly recommend reality based self-defense to keep your mind sharp and body in shape."

District Combatives are offering, for a limited-time-only, a free 30-day trial to men and women interested in joining the school.

For more information be sure to visit http://www.districtcombatives.com.

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