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Four Peaks Capital Partners LLC Offers New Investments to Take Advantage of Post-Covid Trends for Accredited Investors

Hundreds of everyday investors are already reaping recession-resistant income from the Mobile Home Community (MHC) segment.


Gilbert, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/04/2020 --Four Peaks Capital Partners, a seasoned and private real estate investment group specializing in the MHC space, has an innovative approach to investing that is leading the industry. One of the most appealing aspects is the elimination of the middleman which puts more money in the pockets of accredited investors. Four Peaks Capital Partners offers direct investments with no middleman and no fees.

"At Four Peaks, because of our connections and industry reach, we don't need to rely on third parties to bring investors to the table.  As a result we eliminate the fees and commissions charged by these middlemen for raising money, which leaves more profit for our investors and distinguishes us from our competition," explains Managing Partner, Andrew Lanoie. "We provide equity interests directly to you the investor, not through some middleman, broker, guru, event or network that charges profit-cutting commissions."

Four Peaks currently has hundreds of investors engaged in projects all over the country who were drawn to the company because it offers a number of other advantages over the competition.

Some advantages are:

* With the extensive experience of its managers, Four Peaks was able to establish itself within a short period of time as a Top 100 Owner/Operator of MHCs in the U.S.

* Four Peaks seeks out only MHCs with value-add opportunities that will improve both income in the short-term and appreciation in the long-term.

* Through an aggressive strategy, they seek out MHCs at 25% to 50% occupancy and bring them up to 70% to 80% in as little as 24-36 months.

* Offering a preferred return of 6.0 % annually to their investors makes them the company's priority by  ensuring they receive the first dollars of any net operating profits.

* Generous profit splits also ensure investors participate in each dollar of upside appreciation.

Taxed as a partnership, there are also tax benefits to consider when investing with Four Peaks because of depreciation allocations, which may be a tax-free write off for some individuals. 

"If you want to accrue wealth without the headaches and work in an asset class that thrives in any economy because of the nationwide shortage of affordable housing, you need to give Four Peaks a look," adds Lanoie. "The investor comes first, first in line for operating profits and first in line when a property sells or refinances."

About Four Peaks Capital Partners
Four Peaks is a real estate investment group with private investments specializing in the acquisition and operation of MHCs.  They offer qualified investors the opportunity to partner with them to create stable, long-term passive income without any correlation to the stock market or economy.

There is a massive demand for affordable housing in America today, and into the future. Four Peaks Capital Partners is committed to solving the affordable housing crisis while consolidating a fragmented industry, and creating recession-resistant, passive income for their investors.

Four Peaks anticipates acquiring anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 new mobile home pads over the next five years. These pads are located throughout the country thus allowing for the diversification of risk across an entire portfolio as opposed to concentrating on one park or geographic location. And by controlling every aspect of the turnaround process, Four Peaks ensures peak operational efficiency.

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Note: Four Peaks Capital Partners, LLC offerings under Rule 506(c) are for accredited investors only. Investments may only be made pursuant to private placement memorandum of Four Peaks Capital Partners, LLC or an affiliate.

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