Franki Love Launches Kickstarter for Her New Healing Music Album


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2019 --Franki Love's newest album will be filled with soulful, inspiring songs using 432hz frequencies. She plans to dedicate this album to anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, confusion, and illness. She and her team hope that their Kickstarter campaign will support the making of her next healing album for everyone who needs it.

Franki Love is a passionate, award-winning musician based in both Los Angeles and New York City. She's gone from performing at local coffee shops to gaining nominations at the L.A. Music Awards and being on the Grammy ballot for 2011. She has released multiple albums, with her last album, Otias, being released 4 years ago. Otias was devoted to her mother who passed away from cancer. Utterly devoted to helping others heal from grief and stress, she hopes to use 432hz frequencies in her newest digital album to empower her work.

432hz frequencies are believed to resonate with the Heart Chakra, unlock intuition, increase mental clarity, and aid with emotional blockages. The healing energy of 432hz combines with the healing energy of music to create a beautiful piece of art that helps people around the world with their own meditative journeys. Franki Love's work is entirely unique and has allowed her to amass a devoted audience that continues to grow as she releases album after album. Her revolutionary 432hz album will be a great addition to her impressive discography.

The original goal of this Kickstarter was to raise $7000, but given the enthusiastic response to the campaign, the goal is now to raise $20,000 and beyond by November 11, 2019. The contributions go to supporting the costs of making the full-length album, including studio-time, mixing, mastering, artwork, and manufacturing.

For just a $1 pledge, contributors will receive a one song download from the album before its release. For a $10 pledge, contributors get the full digital album download. The rest of the pledges range from $27 to $97 to $247 and beyond, with a wide range of rewards available. This includes a signed physical album, t-shirts, vinyl, posters, framed lyrics, protection pendants, and downloads of Franki Love's three prior albums, Otias, Franki Love, and Peace Within EP. Rewards ship anywhere in the world, with an estimated delivery time of March and April 2020.