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Free $1500 Scholarship Is Offered by Sunrising Bedding Now


Fredericksburg, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2018 --The scholarship is aimed to relieve the financial burden of college students with ideas. As a social group, Sunrising Bedding cares about the society. Besides providing comfortable mattresses that do good to the health of individual and environment, she keeps paying attention to the educational cause, which is crucial to social well-being. Download the scholarship application Click Here.

The scholarship is open for college students who are currently attending an college or admitted by an American college. While it doesn't mean a citizenship requirement. To prove this information, applicants should submit a copy of college certificate or college admission notice.

Another requirement is about the GPA rank, Sunrising Bedding Mattress hopes that the winner is someone that is talented or diligent in its major study. For this reason, a copy of GPA certification that can demonstrate applicants' top 30% GPA rank should be provided.

Besides the basic information above, what Sunrising Bedding truly focuses on is the minds of the applicant students. Therefore, applicants should send us a brief statement about "How will the scholarship make difference to your (college) life". This part will directly determine if an applicant can win the scholarship or not. So the review panel recommends the intentional students try to make some efforts to persuade them by this part.

The application deadline is October 25, 2018. And the review board will start to review all the applications from then on. The one-month review process will be divided into two stages?

The first one is qualification review, through this process, the panel will filter out the applications those don't meet the requirements according to the form and copies attached.

Then it comes to the second round , in this round every member of the board will read all the remain statements, and select three from them to do the vote. The winner will be the one who obtain the most votes. If there are statements gaining the same number of votes, the chief of the panel has the final decision.

The former will be the chief reviewer. And the result will be announced before November 15, 2018.

About Sunrising Bedding
Sunrising Bedding is the newest mattress brand of Sunrise Success Inc who is committed to offer consumers cost-effective mattress. The company registered in Virginia. The founder, Dorothy, believes that a good sleep should not stay the preserve of minority, everyone deserves a good sleep by sleeping on a comfortable and durable mattress instead.