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Free and Unlimited Energyfield Discovered - Device Can Transform This Energyfield Into Electricity


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2014 --An energy field that is was and is always here on this planet is now rediscovered and can be used to produce electricity. The prototype of the FREE ENERGY DEVICE is able to transform this energy field into electricity. The FREE ENERGY DEVICE has no turning parts and produces electricity from the moment it is turned on. The FREE ENERGY DEVICE delivers that amount of electricity output that is demanded. The prototype is scaled to produce a maximum output of 9 kW. The technic is scalable to any output that is needed.

In the future the technic will be directly installed in any appliance that needs electricity. All cars, houses, computers, mobile-phones and all other electric devices will have the technic inside to use the FREE ENERGY FIELD.

The technology is based on metatronical science. That science was long forgotten on the planet, but is now coming back. Metatronical science is aware that energy never gets lost. Energy only converts into another state. The flow of energy is infinite.

Metatronical science also states, that everything is just light with different frequencies. The frequencies carry information and energy. In our 3-demensional universe the frequencies of the light are on such a low level, so we can realize the light as matter, colors and sound. The frequencies of light also produce a magnetic field. This field can be used to transform the FREE ENERGY FIELD into electricity.

To bring the FREE ENERGY DEVICE to the state of production a crowdfunding campaign is running on INDIEGOGO.COM, to make the inventor independent from governments and companies.

With the funding, the knowledge on how to use this technology is protected for the future and the launch and production is possible.

If you would like to have more information about the FREE ENERGY DEVICE, or schedule an interview with Oliver Zuber-Kaldenbach, please send an email to: