Free Designed Templates Are Available in FlipBook Creator


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2013 --As part of its efforts to improve FlipBook Creator, FlipBookMaker.com has employed a design team to publish free templates for software users on a regular basis. There are currently four built-in templates users can select automatically from the software interface. Users can create a unique look and feel for their readers or integrate their branding into a flipping book as part of a larger marketing effort.

There are four templates available. These include the Classical template, the most basic that enables one to highlight the e-book and its content. Users can choose to leave out the bottom control bar, while background images can be manually added. Also available is the Float template, a flexible option providing the ability to add a book title, logo, and outer and inner backgrounds. It is also possible to adjust the position of the toolbar. This template, therefore, enhances the design options flip book PDF software provides.

A Neat template is a relatively newer one allowing for even more design options. It lets users add brand logos to the top toolbar, add buttons, or show or hide the thumbnail images. Social Share can be enabled also. The template lets users create a neat feeling and organized e-book. For those wanting buttons on the left side and top of the e-book, then the Spread template is a good option. It also includes thumbnail, bookmark, and search functions on the left, while Social Share, full screen, and help buttons are conveniently featured on top.

Templates are selected from a window accessed via the “Templates” option at the top of the Design Settings panel. The window also incorporates an “Online Templates” button to access and download free ones on the company’s website. New designs and styles for the flip book maker are constantly being created and published, affording the user more creativity in building unique pdf to flash page flip books. The free templates provide more flexibility in getting the most out of the software. They also help demonstrate the product’s capabilities and versatility.

Users can install a new template by clicking on the “Online Templates” button, and then clicking “Refresh” to upload the new ones desired. Next, they can find a favorite; to download, one just has to click “Install”. By pressing “Apply”, users can have the template automatically applied to the flipping book. The downloaded design will be stored in the “My Templates” section.’