Free Florida From Contamination

Free Florida from Contamination Introduces an App Designed to Track and Send Real Time Pollution Events

Live on Kickstarter, Free Florida From Contamination is Currently Raising Funds to Bring the Pollution Tracking App to Life.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2016 --Free Florida From Contamination has introduced a revolutionary new app that promises to monitor and send real time alerts of pollution events to residents of Florida.

The Free Florida From Contamination (FFFC) organization began its roots in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and quickly spread to the rest of the state. Volunteers, stations and supporters are set up everywhere from North Florida down to Florida's southern tip Key West. Ready to tackle Florida's contamination issues in all of Florida.

A key driving force behind FFFC's success has been it's young and innovative tech developers using new approaches and better systems to find the true effects and current problems of Florida's contamination.

"Having grown up in Florida I've seen the rivers get worse and worse to the point where my parents tell me not to swim in the Indian River Lagoon anymore. This is where I learned to wakeboard and fish as a small kid so it really pains to see something so dear to me being destroyed," says Founder and President Heiko Winkler, "It feels like no one is doing anything about it so this is when my brother and I started FFFC with the goal of having a river that is once again flowing with clear water and our ecosystem can once again thrive."

FFFC is building a mobile & web app in which users can visually see the current contamination issues in Florida. Users will be able to upload their own reports and pictures to build a complete database of current issues. Through this application we will raise awareness and be able to provide accountability to those responsible. Ensuring problems are fixed and measures are taken to make sure they don't happen again.

The app will not only be able to take users reports but will also connect to the company's own contamination monitoring systems in real-time. These monitoring systems will be placed around 'hot-zones' including popular swimming areas, power plants, water treatment/sewage facilities and water runoff levies. These monitoring systems can also be installed in user's backyards so they will always know if there is a health concern.

"We're local Floridians and see the problems first hand everyday. This allows us to not only build the best and most effective technology, but also the most cost-effective," says co-found Alexander Winkler, about building the project completely in-house, "We're from the state, know it well, and are looking to preserve it for all future generations." 

The Free Florida From Contamination App campaign is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Free Florida From Contamination
FreeFloridaFromContamination (FFFC) has it's headquarters setup in 'Fort Lauderdale, FL' with volunteer groups & projects setup throughout Florida. With a group of young and dedicated software developers FFFC is a leading environmental tech company making serious progress in cleaning Florida from contamination. Through proprietary tracking monitoring systems FFFC is building a way to measure the effects of pollution in real-time and stream them to the community. This allows Florida residents to always be aware of the issues around them, what is causing them and what can be done to fix them. With the organization founded in Florida, comprised of Florida residents, FFFC promises to keep on fighting until the Florida water ways are clear again and accountability is put on those responsible for the issues the state faces today.

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