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Free Tele Class Offers Consumers Relief as Banks and Lenders Require Higher FICO Scores for Consumers to Qualify for Loans

“For years, the real secrets for improving credit scores have remained a mystery. Now mortgage consultant Brian Saviano reveals the closely guarded secrets to improve their credit scores to help consumers qualify for new loans.”


Oak Brook, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2008 -- As a result of the latest lending regulations, many consumers will find themselves unable to qualify for a new loans as lenders begin to scrutinize credit scores even more. New conforming mortgage guidelines will require consumers to pay up to 4 points to mortgage lenders at closing just to get their loans, if their scores do not meet minimum lender criteria. With new lending guidelines, it’s now crucial for all consumers, even those with good credit to start taking action now to improve their credit scores and prepare for their future credit needs.

For those looking for advice, local mortgage expert, Brian Saviano will be hosting a FREE Teleconference on Wednesday June 18th at 8pm, to inform consumers how they can clean up their credit reports and legally increase their credit scores for good. “The secrets revealed on the call won’t make me popular with other lenders, but I’ve decided to break the silence and help consumers get the upper hand,” said Saviano. Those interested in learning more should go to: http://www.boostmycreditscorefast.com to sign up for the FREE call.

On the call, consumers will find out how the new regulations will affect them, how to prepare for the coming changes and they will learn how to literally increase their credit scores by up to 40 points in less then 30 days. They will also learn how to buy a new car with interest rates as low as 0%, even if they have had a bankruptcy or other credit issue.

While lenders are taking extreme steps to tighten up their guidelines, it is time for consumers to learn how to improve their credit now, more then ever. Not knowing these inside secrets can cost consumers tens of thousands of dollars every year. Consumers can certainly stand to benefit from higher credit scores and may even qualify for a better job. Those interested in improving their credit scores should go to http://www.boostmycreditscore.com to sign up for the FREE Tele-class.