Freestanding Whirlpool Bath Collection Now with More Choices – And Great Deals – At JT Spas


Larne, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2020 --For customers who want and expect only the best in bathroom ware, furniture, accessories, and fixtures, there is indeed only one name that springs to mind: JT Spas. JT Spas has long been a leading figure in bathroom products of the highest quality, and with its excellent freestanding whirlpool bath collection, which is now a lot more extensive and comes with even better deals, JT Spas hits the mark once again.

It's easy to understand why a company such as JT Spas continues to be at the forefront of the sector when it comes to bathroom products, as it only strives to bring its customers the highest quality products that exceed their expectations every time. Amongst the many different products available at JT Spas, for instance, customers can always choose from a wide variety that is continuously and regularly added to, such as bathroom furniture and accessories, taps and basins, radiators and toilets, and bigger items like complete baths and shower enclosures and cabins.

But more customers today visit JT Spas for its range of freestanding baths, and everyone will agree that freestanding baths have cemented their place as one of the most elegant elements any bathroom can have. And freestanding baths need not be expensive, as JT Spas as proven time and again. In fact, with the continuous discounts offered at JT Spas, anyone can easily find their dream freestanding bath and whirlpool bath combination without breaking the bank.

This is proven today by the release of even more choices of freestanding and whirlpool bath combinations at JT Spas. These models come only from the best and most respected manufacturers, such as Jupiter, Lisna Waters, and more. One particularly great find is the Merlin freestanding whirlpool bath from Jupiter, which is a contemporary double-ended bath with a total of eight spa jets. The bath comes for only £1175, bringing it down from its original price of £1899, and its measurement, 1700mm by 750mm, makes it ideal for a good, soothing, and truly relaxing soak.

Another amazing deal for freestanding whirlpool bath combinations is the Grace double-ended bath, which comes with a measurement of 1800mm by 900mm and features 12 spa jets. This is now available for a mere £1295, bringing it down from £1699 – truly a wonderful choice. To find out about the latest and greatest deals for whirlpool and freestanding baths online, visit the website at http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

About JT Spas
JT Spas remains one of the best sources of all sorts of bathroom products for customers in the UK and beyond, and with its regularly updated collection of bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories, taps, radiators, baths, toilets, shower enclosures, and more, it certainly does not disappoint. For more details on its freestanding baths and the latest discounts and deals, visit the site.