FreshFridge Will Reduce Food Waste and Allow Users to Monitor Food in Their Fridge via a Smartphone App


Bethlehem, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2017 --A smart kitchen system that allows users to monitor the freshness of their food will dramatically reduce food waste, save time and money, and improve kitchen organization with recipe suggestions and food expiration reminders. FreshFridge effectively transforms refrigerators into smart devices. It allows users to monitor the temperature and humidity of their refrigerator via a smartphone app for maximum efficiency and convenience.

"We began development of FreshFridge back in late 2016 when we realized there were apps for recipes, apps for shopping lists, and there were even apps for monitoring food expiration dates," said Alex Burdine, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of FreshFridge. "FreshFridge combines all of these features and gives users what's really important in their kitchen: organization, automation, and control."

The FreshFridge system consists of:

A computerized Central Hub in the form of a touch screen device. The Hub connects to Smart Containers and Smart Sensors inside the refrigerator and can be operated via the Mobile App. The Hub helps to organize food by keeping track of and monitoring shopping lists, keeping a food inventory, suggesting recipes, and more.

Smart Containers which are placed inside the refrigerator and connect to the Central Hub. The Containers measure temperature, keep food fresh, and issue reminders of food expiration dates to the Central Hub. Visual clues in the form of glowing lights on the Containers also warn of approaching expiration dates.

Smart Sensors which are placed inside the refrigerator and create ideal temperature zones and humidity, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of the appliance.

A cloud-based Mobile App for iOS and Android. The app creates and keeps track of shopping lists, suggests recipes, and keeps food inventories by scanning barcodes on food items. Users can access their refrigerator's profile and monitor the humidity inside areas of their refrigerator anytime anywhere, via the Central Hub, using the mobile app.

Food waste is a huge problem in America with the average family of four losing $1,500 a year on wasted food and throwing away 40 percent of food. These figures are particularly alarming when you consider that one in seven people is food insecure, lacking access to adequate food.

FreshFridge has partnered with the charity Feeding America, pledging to donate up to $10,000 to help feed children in need of food.

By backing the project on Kickstarter, donors will be doing their part to reduce food waste, helping to feed children in need, and providing the developers with funds to improve and upgrade FreshFridge and the mobile app.