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Dr. Thomas Potigian goes beyond manipulative musculoskeletal therapy to help patients experience complete health and lifelong wellness


Fresno, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2016 --Dr. Thomas Potigian and the team at Sunnyside Wellness are committed to helping patients turn on the natural ability to heal through diversified wellness services. Applying wellness care does not introduce anything foreign or dangerous to the body, but rather trains the body to know what to do to remain healthy. Traditional medicine treats symptoms by introducing something to the outside of the body while wellness care works from the inside. By understanding the core issue, Dr. Potigian takes into consideration the current state of each individual's health to develop a complete treatment plan and help his patients continue on their path to optimal wellness.

Making a wellness plan requires more than just a questionnaire. Nutritional counseling may involve providing blood tests and hair analysis, through which Dr. Potigian is able to make recommendations for each individual's nutritional and supplemental guidelines. Because no two individuals need the same requirements, science based analyses give better insight as to which will be best for a person to achieve better health. Coaching a patient on certain activities they should avoid or modify to improve a particular health challenge may be another way in which the overall wellness plan takes unique issues into account while compiling a wellness plan. Giving each person the same wellness plan would not allow for improvement and Dr. Potigian takes the time to consider all of the necessary information he needs to help each patient achieve their health goals.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Thomas Potigian has treated many patients with spinal adjustments and by encompassing a wellness plan, he is able to keep his patients from relapsing. Complete wellness cannot be achieved if a person does not provide his/her body with the nutrition and exercise to keep from digressing. Chiropractic adjustments manipulate parts of the body into the natural position, while nutrition keeps those muscles and the nervous system free of toxins, and proper exercises maintain and strengthen the proper positions, thus maintaining the chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. Potigian also uses the latest in chiropractic technology with the use of the Impulse iQ. The handheld device emits controlled forces applied to different parts of the body and gives information to the chiropractor as to how effective the force is in manipulating the body part. The doctor can make adjustments and increase or decrease the force based on the information. The device is able to keep the body from tightening up because it works 100 times faster than hand manipulation and does not allow the body any time to react before the force. Through a range of services, Dr. Potigian is able to adjust each patient's wellness plan to best suit their individual needs.

About Dr. Thomas Potigian
Dr. Potigian is an honors graduate from Cleveland Chiropractic College (1981) in Los Angeles. He is a native of Fresno and attended Fresno City College prior to his education in chiropractic. He co-authored the bestselling book, "The World's Best Kept Health Secret Revealed," which sold 25,000 copies and helps patients gain great health every day.

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