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Friendly App Is the Best Way to Make New Friends Through Nearby Events


Sydney, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/11/2016 --Friendly App, the revolutionary new app that makes it less awkward to make friends through nearby events, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to further scale the project.

Making friends in the digital era can be much more difficult than in previous generations. 'Friendly' is a social platform for people new to an area or just on the lookout to make new friends through nearby events. It can be used to host almost anything from bar group meets, puppy play dates, finding people to travel with, new gym buddy and the list goes on.

"The idea came while spending the majority of my time last year working in Vietnam and struggling to meet other ex-pats to have a beer with on weekends," says founder and CEO Andrew McKay on the inspiration behind the project. "I gave Tinder and a few other dating app's a try which were good but struggled to just find other like minded friends of both sex's which brought me to the idea of 'Friendly'."

Friendly allows users to create almost any event for a private dinner for 2 to a local meet up for up to 20. Event requests are available as well to find like minded people looking to create or join in the same get-together. Group chat is available for users to get acquainted and finalize plans before the big day. The app is complete and free to download on the Apple iOS App store and is beta tested and and out live for the public to download. The majority of the project has been completed and funds raised will be used to continue working towards a 2.0 update as well as to allow development to proceed on the Android version.

"The world is so digitalized now, finding your soulmate will most probably be online and will be the usual response to future generations when asking parents how they met," adds McKay. "The need for physically going up to strangers and having a conversation is a thing of the past with most dating app's. This isn't the case for finding new friends and it's time to move this into the future."

The Friendly App is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Friendly App PTY LTD
Friendly App PTY LTD, a social app focused on creating new & lasting friendships through nearby events. Demographically focused on the mid 20's -30s primarily new to a new neighbourhood but also used to host such events as group bar meetups, puppy playdates, gym buddy, travel groups and basically anything you can think of Friendly can host for you. Currently 100% free on the app store, coming mid 2017 to Google play with a business model similar to tinder with the focus on scaling the user database before introducing any revenue. Founded in early 2016, launched Dec 2016, based in sunny Sydney Australia. Founded by Andrew McKay an influential Aussie product designer.

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