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Friends & Family Health Centers Debuts Name Change and New Location


Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2017 --Birmingham, Alabama, chiropractors Drs. John Palmer and Belinda Palmer have changed the name of their practice to Friends & Family Health Centers. Formerly known as Homewood Friends & Family, the practice has moved to a more spacious and centrally located office at 3250 Independence Dr., Suite 100, Birmingham, AL.

The name change more accurately reflects the focus and goals of the leading chiropractic practice and the move to a larger space will enable the holistic doctors to assist a greater number of individuals in Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding area.

"Like other clinics, we address your immediate need for pain relief and restored mobility," said Dr. John Palmer. "We also look farther down the road to develop an ongoing, personalized program to improve your health. We investigate and address the causes of your health challenges. That is how we can offer each patient a comprehensive plan designed to achieve their goals."

Friends & Family Health Centers will continue to provide the same comprehensive range of services that earned the practice a Patient Choice Award, recognizing it as the top chiropractic practice in 2015. Family & Friends Health Centers specializes in chiropractic care, nutritional consultations, and muscle manipulation.

Chiropractic care facilitates neurological communication throughout the body and eases pain stemming from spinal misalignments. The doctors utilize a natural, evidence-based approach built on a foundation of five elements:

1. Maximizing brain health
2. Spine mobility and strength
3. Energy and nutrition
4. Muscle strength and blood flow
5. Minimizing toxins

Friends & Family Health Centers has multiple individually-tailored therapies to address a full range of ailments and injuries whether in infants, adults, pregnant women, or seniors. Through muscle manipulation, the doctor increases the flow of oxygenated blood, promotes the flow of nutrients, facilitates the elimination of toxins, and aids in maintaining a healthy immune system.

In addition to chiropractic services, Friends & Family Health Centers provides nutritional counseling and functional blood analysis. Specific recommendations and supplements are available to prevent dietary deficiencies and establish appropriate eating habits. Counseling includes identification of environmental toxins and how to avoid them.

Come visit the new clinic during their grand opening on Monday, Dec. 4, 2017, from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. The Open House will include food trucks, a dunking booth, and a bounce house!

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