From Hands-Free Calling to Hands-Free Charging, Next-Gen Wireless Charger Roboqi Brings Robotics to Smartphones


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2018 --Since users can pop open their phone with facial recognition, makers of next-generation wireless charger ROBOQI thought, "Why not take the same sensor technology and apply it to a truly wireless charger?" Throw in a pair of automatic robotic arms and you've got the perfect, stand-alone companion for smartphones in virtually every setting.

If digital assistants make smartphones work smart, the ROBOQI helps smartphones work longer. Created by InvisibleTech, the ROBOQI commences its state-of-the-art design by harnessing 'Qi' fast wireless charging. This wireless charging technology is at the very peak of power and performance, delivering a steady 7.5W for iPhone & 10W for Android.

Big things come in small packages and the quick-response contact sensor is the small, unassuming heart of it all. Connected to a built-in motor that then triggers two robotic side arms, the contact sensor is a motion control mechanism that also activates the console's charging function. Along with this automation, it's the details that make this a well-rounded charging experience. The ROBOQI's advanced robotic system automatically sets off a green LED light to indicate charging. Users will especially chuckle at the small but noticeable sound that indicates the arms opening and closing, much like a robot might make.

Besides the robotic arms lined with silicone for a scratch-free grip, a smart motion sensor and powerful charging technology, the ROBOQI is really a console that aspires to be an "all-in-one" solution for users looking to enhance their smartphone use. The suction base and telescopic arm form the foundation of the console, along with a head that provides 360-degree rotation so that users can tilt and angle their screens based on their desired viewing experience. Developers at InvisibleTech specifically designed a console to withstand movement, a fact that can be seen through choices like a strong, durable grip that allows users to charge while driving or at the gym.

Every ROBOQI kit comes with a wireless charging console, in a sleek, gun-metal black, an accompanying suction base with telescopic arm for maximum extensibility, an air vent clip and a QC 3.0 car charger with Type-C Cable. For early adopters and users who want to see substantial savings, the limited super early bird pricing offers a 58% discount, with each unit coming in at $29. InvisibleTech also offers bulk discounts, with a dual-pack available for $74 and a box of 10 for $359.