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From Warriors to Guardians

Guardian Tactics is presenting their de-escalation and threat assessment measures for law enforcement at their open house October 28th.


St. George, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2016 --Guardian Tactics in St. George is offering law enforcement officers and department instructors training in threat assessment and tactical de-escalation tactics. An Open House on Friday, October 28th, will provide an abbreviated version of their curriculum to state and local police chiefs and sheriffs, city mayors, county commissioners and the press.

About Guardian Tactics
Guardian Tactics provides a range of training to law enforcement, corporate and nonprofit organizations, specializing in recognizing elevated threat cues coupled with de-escalation response tactics in a variety of contexts.

"We're offering a unique skill set, something beyond academy training to get officers responding in a way that reduces use of force incidents while increasing officer safety," said Eric Young, lead facilitator and instructional designer for Guardian Tactics. "Public perceptions of law enforcement are that of the warrior and while there are certainly conditions under which a warrior is needed, our communities need the guardian to serve and protect."

Guardian Tactic's Open House begins at 10:00am with instruction from Brett Pruitt, who brings both his military intelligence and law enforcement experience to the classroom; Eric Young, assistant professor of Communication at Dixie State University, specializing in nonverbal tells in threat assessment and de-escalation; and Rowdy Reeve, a former Washington County Deputy Sheriff who served in patrol and corrections.

The instruction will last two hours and the Guardian crew will serve lunch, take questions and encourage discussion on law enforcement training. Join Guardian Tactics at 610 N. Industrial Road in St. George on Friday, October 28th.

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