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Front Office Solutions Celebrates Their 100th Client


La Grande, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2021 --Front Office Solutions, a leading phone answering service for contractors and home service businesses, recently celebrated signing their 100th client.

"To date we've signed 10 Service Titan Clients, 5 HouseCall Pro and 3 Service Fusion clients," says Jeremy Kipatrick, founder and owner.

Located in La Grande, Oregon, Front Office Solutions specializes in phone answering services for plumbers, electricians, roofers, pest control companies, and other businesses in the contractor and home services industries. Since their opening, Front Office Solutions has added a myriad of virtual receptionist services as well, ranging from outbound calling and message handling to dispatching, and more.

"All of our services are completely customizable," says Jeremy. "For some clients, we only handle overflow and seasonal calls. For others, we handle 100% of their calls and a lot of their operational needs, as well."

One of their most demanded services is appointment scheduling. To date, the company handles scheduling for over 35 customers on a variety of CRMs, including Service Titan, Service Fusion, HouseCAll Pro, and even Google Calendar. Between scheduling and call answering, FOS lets their clients outsource some of their most critical, and time sensitive, operational needs.

Kilpatrick says that one of the keys to their success is not charging for robocalls or sales calls. "Contractors are big targets for robocalls and spam calls. We've actually gained a few customers who didn't want to answer their phones anymore because the robocalls were driving them crazy."

So far, it looks like robocalls are only going to keep coming, which is good news for companies like Front Office Solutions. In August 2021, Americans received just under 4.1 billion robocalls, bringing the total to 34 billion robocalls for the year.

However, Kipatrick says that the biggest key to their success is much simpler than that: they just focus on making their current customers happy.

"If companies do quit us, it's generally due to lack of business on their end, or a lack of communication from the client. We'll do anything within reason to keep our clients happy, but at the same time, we don't mind ending a business relationship if we're not able to perform to our fullest. So we don't really have clients wanting to quit."

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