Mobile Family Updates

Frustrated with Limited Facility-to-Family Communication, Developer Creates App

Mobile Family Updates App Simplifies Healthcare Communications


Albuquerque, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2014 --As the population ages, more and more families will be faced with the reality of putting their loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other debilitating conditions in long term care facilities. Now, a new app allows facilities to communicate with families and medical facilities immediately and securely, saving staff time and money and building client confidence.

Mobile Family Updates ( is a secure medical communication system with several features that will allow healthcare facilities to communicate effectively internally as well as externally. Mobile Family Updates provides four modes of communication that will help nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and long term care facilities sell more beds, save staff time, increase bottom line and gain a competitive edge.

The app’s four main features include

- Internal communication options that allow the staff of a healthcare institution to send private and secure messages to one another within a facility, notifying them of tasks that need to be taken care of or about important meetings;

- Broadcast communication and disaster preparedness system that allows a facility to send out newsletters and special event notifications as well as emergency notifications to key publics associated with the facility;

- Direct family member communication that enables the healthcare facility to send secure, private messages to any resident’s family member about their loved one; and

- Video communication that allows users to hold secure and private video meetings with offsite medical professionals and allows patients and residents the ability to speak to up to 25 remote and extended family members (video service is secure enough for HIPAA compliance).

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The family communications feature in particular drastically reduces the constant phone interruptions that facilities face every day. Skilled staff members spend an average of one hour per day talking to family members. As part of the service, facilities can elect to charge residents for the use of the service and even make a profit doing so.

“I created the Mobile Family Updates app after experiencing first-hand the lack of communications when my mother-in-law had a stroke and was sent to a nursing home,” said Jim Britt, founder and developer of Mobile Family Updates. “After several meetings with top-level personnel at the facility, I was told that I could only expect the communications we desired if my mother was the only patient in the facility. There was nothing on the market that could assist both the facility and the family members in communicating. So I set out to create one. Mobile Family Updates was born.”

The Mobile Family Updates app can also be used in an emergency situation to notify every group – staff, family, outsiders – at the same time. Updates are typically received immediately.

Currently, the Mobile Family Updates app is supported by Apple IOS 5+ devices (including iPad) and Android smartphones and tablets. The app can use a device’s voice function to save time and add convenience.

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Jim Britt