Francois Gerard

FSB University Review - Another SCAM?

Is FSB University worth the investment?


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2013 --Today, the launch of FSB University was announced, and being an experienced marketer and ex-lecturer of economics, I was asked by the WNN News to review it. The main question I had to answer was "Is FSB University a Scam?". Internet marketing is notorious for scam products and money grabs, so when I first started examining this one, I was skeptical to say the least.

However, I immediately noticed some key differences from other internet marketing products. In all scam programs I've reviewed, I've always noted that they had videos pumped up with a lot of "get rich quick" hype. You know what I'm talking about - expensive cars, massive villas, million dollar yachts, tens of hot women... FSB University has nothing of this sort; in fact they simply state well-know facts of internet marketing, such as the fact that it is NOT possible to start making millions overnight. Sorry to bust your bubble if you believed this one...

I was therefore encouraged and dug deeper. I contacted the FSB University team and they were kind enough to provide me with free access, even though I told them exactly who I was and that I was going to thoroughly go through their system to see whether I could recommend it or not.

What I found was a breath of fresh air. The core facts about internet marketing are clearly stated without any fluff and they actually explain how most marketers scam internet users and what tactics they use. They clearly state what is unrealistic and what is; as well as what techniques simply do not work or have stopped working, especially considering google's latest updates. And that was just the first lesson...

In the next lessons, FSB University reveals exactly which internet businesses are feasible to start in 2013, and how to create evergreen products that are guaranteed to sell. Then they tackle two crucial aspects in IM: how to get free traffic and how to find business partners. They reveal exactly core techniques that are known to successful marketers but are never revealed, for obvious reasons. I will go ahead and admit that although I've been doing this for a lifetime, I actually learned some tactics which I didn't know before...I was shocked! I am not exactly sure why they are revealing all these trade secrets; my guess is that they are already rich beyond measure and couldn't care less about competition!

FSB University also explains what is probably the most important aspect of being successful in online marketing: scaling. Basically, if you can make just 1 dollar online, then you can scale it to any amount - if you know how. They go into extreme detail about how to scale your business and surprisingly they manage to simplify the information so as to make it accessible to literally a complete beginner in the business.

At this point I was already on board completely; the right word is actually "shocked"...shocked that anyone would reveal this information for just $47! However, I found out that it gets see, they are so confident that everyone who follows their video lessons will be able to start making money online, that they are offering a 60-day money-back questions asked! Basically, if you are not happy with it, you'll get all the lessons for free!

Regarding security of purchase, FSB University uses an independent third party - - to handle all transactions and refund requests. are the most trusted and security online payment processor, and they carry out thousands of transactions every day, each day. Therefore, you have complete peace of mind that your purchase is secure and protected, and that any refund requests will be honoured 100%.

All this makes me confident in saying (and putting my name) that FSB University is indeed legit and delivers above and beyond what they promise. Anyone interested in internet marketing should join this FIRST, and therefore avoiding falling for all the scams out there. For more information, together with a sneak-peak at their invaluable lessons, visit