Fun with Data, LLC

Fun with Data, LLC Launches Ios App That Merges Debt Reduction and Video Games

My Mountain of Debt Application Introduces Video-Game Elements into Debt Reduction. Easy-To-Use Interface for Users to Reduce Car Loans, Credit Cards, and other Debts.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2013 --Application development firm Fun with Data LLC announces the launch of My Mountain of Debt, an innovative iOS app that helps consumers view and reduce their personal financial debts. The need for such a service is considerable, with 2012 data reporting average household credit card debt of $15,328, and an average student loan balance of $34,703.

The My Mountain of Debt application is setup like a video game where users progress to various stages as debt payments are made over time. Each payment results in an animated figure smashing a brick of “debt,” thus reducing the size of the mountain which represents the total debt value. An animated bar graph showcases users' personal debt amounts and the app can track multiple debt categories to allow users to get a full picture of their situation. Intuitive and easy to use, the app offers a large keyboard for simple data entry.

“The idea for the My Mountain of Debt application came from my own experiences dealing with the weight of personal debt,” said Chris Brew, founder and CEO of Fun with Data, LLC. “People who are trying to pay down their debts need encouragement to keep going. Unfortunately, many consumers are so deep into debt that they take on a fatalistic view and just assume they can’t get out, even with regular payments. Our application helps them to stay positive by showing them their progress in a visual format.”

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